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Raptors Rapid Recap - Miami 115 - Toronto 95

-From now on, it will be pretty hard to be upbeat about a Toronto Raptors' win...

...because all season they've been followed up by performances like tonight's against the Miami Heat.

-Outside of winning the free-throw battle, the Raptors were out-performed in every statistical category, most of them by a long shot.  The team shot only 45% from the field, only 18% from downtown, was outrebounded 45 to 32 (including 12 to 4 on the offensive glass), had 11 less assists, and had only 8 fast break points while giving up 19 to Miami.

-Again, Toronto played no semblance of defense allowing Miami to shoot over 50% from the field, and let Michael Beasley torch them all night.  Beasley finished tied with Bosh for a game-high 28 points, but he also had 11 rebounds to go with that.  Bosh had only 1.

-In fact Bosh despite his scoring, didn't seem to bring it on both ends and the rest of his team followed suit.  After 12 points in the first half, Andrea Bargnani finished with only 14, and Hedo Turkoglu made 3 of his 11 shots on the night to more than live up to his hefty contract.

-Bottom line?  Again the Toronto Raptors were outworked by a club that isn't exactly a championship contender and now looks forward to an even tougher match tomorrow night against the Orlando Magic.

-Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go and focus on something more the ongoing Roy Halladay trade saga...