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Raptors Rapid Recap - Atlanta 111 - Toronto 89

-Another 20+ point loss, Toronto's 6th loss this season by 15 points or more, as the Hawks wacked the Raps 111 to 89.

-Despite a decent start to the game in which the Dinos only trailed by two, the Hawks' bench took over in the second quarter and finished the half outscoring Toronto's pine crew, 31 to 10.  This was a pivotal stat early and it allowed Atlanta, despite some hot Toronto shooting, to grab the lead and never look back.

-The Hawks shot 52 per cent from the field, outrebounded Toronto, out-assisted the Raps, and generally dominated in every way.  Looking at the box score though, outside of the final score, the disparity in most categories wasn't that big.  However Atlanta's athleticism gave Toronto fits once again and little plays made at both ends by the Hawks resulted in easy baskets and the eventual final score.

-Toronto was lead scoring-wise by Andrea Bargnani with 17, but no one on the Raps, Chris Bosh included, was able to really dominante their match-up all night.

-The Hawks were led by Joe Johnson who had 20, but six Hawks reached double figures with two others just on the border of the 10 point mark.

-So now what?  Well, I'll be discussing that tomorrow morning but for now it's back to the drawing board for Toronto.  After three straight wins the team falls badly twice in a row with three very tough match-ups looming.