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Lunchbox Links

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The Toronto Raptors reverted to their old ways against the Milwaukee Bucks. Check out the recap from Bucks blog Brew Hoop, the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, Raptors Republic and the Fan 590's Eric Smith.

The Toronto Star's Doug Smith thinks the Raptors had no chance without Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani. The trickle-down effect for the Raptors offence was apparent.

ESPN's John Hollinger continues to openly question Jay Triano and calls Calderon the worst defensive point guard in the league.

Kelly Dwyer counts Triano as another of the litany of coaches that don't know what they have in Rasho Nesterovic.

Former Raptor Carlos Delfino got the better of rookie DeMar DeRozan on this play. But I still like the kid's aggressiveness taking the ball to the hoop.

The Raptors are the NBA's 11th most valuable team, according to Forbes magazine.

If the Dinos are headed for the lottery, they might as well dream big.

You'll never guess who's getting a cut of disgraced referee Tim Donaghy's book sales.

Is former Raptor Mike James on his way back to Miami?