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Are the Toronto Raptors REALLY considering honouring Vince Carter as part of their 15th anniversary celebration? Worst. Idea. Ever.

Charles Oakley -- who the Raptors will be honouring at tonight's game against the Detroit Pistons -- is unimpressed by the Raptors. There's a surprise.

The Score's Holly MacKenzie checks in from yesterday's practice in this edition of Court Surfing.

Guess who is 6th in the league in Player Efficiency Rating (PER)? Chris Black of T.Jose Caldesports has the answer.

As Hardwood Paroxysm points out, Chris Bosh is getting his shit sent back regularly through the first three games. But so are a lot of other talented players. (via TrueHoop by Henry Abbott).

Bosh is also the central figure in a non-sensical trade that would make the Denver Nuggets champions (yet would not even be approved in a fantasy league). And, in case you haven't heard, Bosh has a DVD coming out.

Empty the Bench examines some statistical trends from the NBA's opening week, including Jose Calderon's sudden lack of touch from the charity stripe and behind the arc. Meanwhile, the Toronto Star's Dave Feschuk suggests starting Jarrett Jack as a solution to the Raptors' weak defence.

The first round draft class of 2006 had a record low number of players earn extensions. The dearth of talent in that draft class makes the Portland Trailblazers the clear winners.

The Globe and Mail's Michael Grange on how defensive breakdowns are costing the Raptors.

Doug Smith's blog has details on guard Quincy Douby's contract, and why he could be waived before November 15.

Check out how the Raptors are faring in power rankings from's Mark Stein,'s Chris Mannix,'s Dave Del Grande and the Sporting News' Sean Deveney. And Demar DeRozan ranks eighth in David Thorpe's latest edition of the NBA Rookie Rankings.

The average price for a ticket to an NBA game fell for the first time in eight years as the weak economy continued to affect U.S. sports leagues.

The Raptors' television ratings are declining at a rapid rate through the first three games of the season.

As Arsenalist from Raptors Republic notes, the Pistons are tired and shorthanded. Funny, but that didn't stop the Orlando Magic from destroying the Raps on Sunday.

Sportsnet's Paul Jones joins the growing chorus of media who believe the Raptors should pay more attention to the defensive end of the floor. Meanwhile, Memphis Grizzlies' scout -- and former Jerry Sloan assistant -- Gordon Chiesa discusses some of the issues affecting the Raptors.

How can San Antonio Spurs rookie DeJuan Blair play without an anterior cruciate ligament in either knee? Slate Magazine answers the question about the medical condition that scared off 29 other NBA teams.

Former Raptor, and current Dallas Mavericks assistant coach, Ronald "Popeye" Jones dressed up like Rodney King for Halloween. Or at least that's what it looks like.

The Sporting News' Bethlehem Shoals praises NBA League Pass. Meanwhile, I raise my middle finger in the direction of the CRTC, Rogers and Bell Canada.

Recruiting violations: They're not just for the NCAA! I wonder if the Raptors wined and dined Hedo Turkoglu a little too much for the League's liking?

Leave it to Tim from The Picket Fence to provide a little perspective after three games: At least you're not Memphis fans! Of course, Memphis destroyed the Raptors in the paint last Friday.

Hoops Addict on why the Raptors need to stick with the plan. Take that Feschuk!