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Raptors Rapid Recap: Phoenix 113 - Toronto 94

- Easily the low point of the season thus far as each game seems to leave this team with more questions than answers. Losing to Phoenix is not surprising but its how the Raps lost that is concerning. Once again their opponent shot over 50% and the Raps just can't stop anyone....well except maybe themselves.

- What is so disheartening about this loss is that the Raps outperformed the Suns in some key statistical categories including offensive rebounds, turnovers, steals and blocks. Of course none of this matters when you are shooting less than 40% from the field and a putrid 1-20 from beyond the arc.

- I feel pretty bad for CB4 today. Once again Bosh was unbelievable with 30 points and 17 rebounds. He has taken his offensive game to another level. Not a defensive stopper by any stretch but he is becoming elite on the offensive end. He did get some help from his front-court mate as Bargs had 24 but the rest of the roster really played poorly. Jose Calderon in particular had an off game and was outplayed badly by Nash.

- Call me crazy but Hedo just looks a step slow as compared to last season. If he is beat-up and needs rest then I think it is time to give it to him. The team has 5 years and 50 million tied up into this guy and if he needs a few games or even a couple of weeks off to rest to get back to 100% you have to at least consider it. Right now he is far from being a big time player.

- Where do you turn now if you are the Raps? At this point you have to pick one area to improve on and then move to the next. The coaching staff has their work cut out for them and if things don't turn around soon this ship is going to sink quickly. Toronto is 3-7 in their last ten and need to find something that works before they fall even further down the Eastern Conference standings.