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Raptors Rapid Recap - Charlotte 116 - Toronto 81

-It ain't gonna be a pretty media day for the Raptors' tomorrow.  Toronto was completely outplayed in the second quarter in every which way, and lost a winnable game in horrendous fashion.

-How horrendous?

-For starters, how about losing by THIRTY-FIVE to a team that shot only 45% from the field?

-How about allowing the Bobcats to score 116 points in the first place considering they were averaging about 85?

-And how about being out-rebounded, out-freethrowed and well...out everythinged?

-There really were no bright spots in this one as the team just didn't show any fight and this one was over by the time the third quarter was halfway through. 

-Bosh struggled until the fourth quarter but led Toronto with 18 points and 14 rebounds.  Charlotte was led by Gerald Wallace with 31 and 13, and Stephen Jackson with 23.

-Now Toronto faces the tough task of getting wins in Boston, and then home against Phoenix to close out the let's just say a win tonight would have been nice...