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Raptors Rapid Recap - Indiana 112 Toronto 123

- Well there was no shortage of offense on this evening. The Raptors managed to put up 74 points in the first half and even as Indiana made their run the Raps never really let them back into the game. The team on a whole was lights-out shooting over 55% from the floor for the game.

- DeMar DeRozan with another tough night at the office, this time against Danny Granger who definitely was not shy shooting the rock (27 shots, 13 from beyond the arc). It's going to be a learning process for the rook. Trial by fire.

- Jarrett Jack is now catching the feeling and is starting to quiet the doubters. Tonight he was absolutely on fire from the floor and stuck it to his former squad. You can't expect this kind of shooting percentage every night but he is doing positive things on the court whether it is scoring or distributing the ball.

- It was a grind for CB4 on this night but he still managed another double-double. This game really tells you how lethal this offense can be even when the best player struggles. Even if the games leave a little to be desired defensively they are downright entertaining, unless of course you are a basketball purist.

- Kudos to the Raps bench who outplayed the Indiana bench. Every guy contributed to this win. Belinelli did his damage from the line, Rasho looked like he did 7 years ago, and Amir continued to do a lot when little is asked of him. All in all a big win for the Raps and one they needed.