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Lunchbox Links

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The Orlando Magic delivered the fourth loss in five games to the Toronto Raptors. Check out what Magic blog Third Quarter Collapse, the Orlando Sentinel and the Fan 590's Eric Smith had to say about the game. As the Toronto Star's Dave Perkins notes, it was a deep bench that helped swing the game Orlando's way.

Thankfully, Vince Carter had enough sense to politely decline the Raptors' attempt to honour him during yesterday's game. However, as Raptors Republic notes, it turns out it was VC Tribute Night. And let's try to remember that Carter eats boos for breakfast.

The Picket Fence asks why are Raptors fans so stupid?

Jack Armstrong implores fans to be patient with DeMar DeRozan.

The Globe and Mail's Michael Grange is starting to believe in this team a little bit.

We will definitely excuse the "ghettoness" of the video as Arsenalist from Raptors Republic breaks down how not to defend the high screen.

Coach Jay Triano channels his inner Bo Jackson on a clipboard.

Former Raptors coach Sam Mitchell talks Coach of the Year Award.

Eddie Johnson looks at why the New York Knicks fire might burn past 2010.