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Raptors Rapid Recap - Orlando 104 Toronto 96

This was simply a game where one team has more talent than the other. Toronto for the most part played a solid game, but the Magic, even with Howard and Lewis in foul trouble, were just too talented. They just don't miss a beat even when relying on guys like Reddick and Ryan Anderson. The Magic have now beaten the Raps twice. The final today 104-96.

In back-to-back games the Raptors opponent did some serious damage on the offensive glass. Given their defense as of late the Raps simply can't give up this many second chance opportunities. Hopefully when Reggie Evans returns the Raps won't have this issue.

The Raps bench, even without Belinelli were solid. Amir was amazing in the third quarter and even Weems did some nice things while on the court. Unfortunately Triano is still using that J&J back-court.

DeMar DeRozan is taking his lumps right now. After getting schooled by Wade in the last game he was matched-up against Vince Carter who decided to play. Triano is throwing the rook into the deep-end of the pool and looking to see if he will sink or swim. Lately he needs a life raft.

If I am Orlando I feel pretty good about letting Hedo go and replacing him with Carter. Carter looks focused and is a perfect addition to this Orlando team. I mean just ask yourself. If you could have Carter or Hedo on this Raps team who would you prefer?