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Raptors' Rapid Recap - Utah 104 - Toronto 91

-Toronto ends its four-game Western Conference road trip with a 104 to 91 loss to the Utah Jazz tonight.

-Much like earlier in the week against the Clippers, the Raps got in a big hole early with some extremely lazy play at both ends.  However again like the LA game, after being down big (18 points), Toronto charged back, getting as close as 3 points in the fourth quarter.

-Unfortunately that's as close as things got.  The Dinos shooting went ice cold in the fourth quarter and they had no match for Utah's small back-court of Deron Williams and Eric Maynor.

-Bosh led the Raps with 32 and 17, and Marco Belinelli and Amir Johnson made huge contributions off the bench.

-For Utah, Carlos Boozer had 22 points and 18 rebounds, while Andrei Kirilenko pitched in a quiet 20 off the bench.

-Again, this game was another prime example of what happens when TO's jump-shots stop falling.  The team shot only 37 per cent from the field, 24 per cent from long-range, and yet kept heaving them up.

-The club therefore finishes the roadie with a 1 and 3 record and drops two games under .500.  And even though Toronto's next game is back at home, it's against a hot Miami team, and that's followed up by another tough home match against Orlando.