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A Play for Monta Ellis?

As most NBA fans know, the Golden State Warriors are in shambles.

First there was the Stephen Jackson trade demand, then some huge injury blows and now, Monta Ellis wants out too.

A 24 year old who last year averaged about 20 points, 5 assists and 2 steals is hard to come by and in all likelyhood, there will be a lot of interest in the scoring combo guard despite his hefty contract (5 years at approx $11M per year.)

Will there by any interest from the Raptors?

I doubt it.

This team hardly needs more offense and while he's a solid help defender due to his length and quickness, adding him to the back-court would

a) Result in a very small 1-2 guard punch

b) Hinder the development of DeMar DeRozan in all probability

c) Be an early admission that the Jarrett Jack acquisition was a flop.

However there is one way that acquiring Monta could make sense.

If Bryan Colangelo started to think that the Bosh/Bargs 4/5 combo just wasn't effective, and was dead-set on keeping Bosh next year, then a trade of Bargnani and Marcus Banks (cap relief for G State) for Ellis and Anthony Morrow works financially for both clubs. Maybe then Amir Johnson or Rasho Nesterovic is moved into the starting 5 spot and Ellis takes the sixth man role.

As well, perhaps the Raptors expanded on things to take a flyer on someone like Brandan Wright, or Raja Bell, in order to ease next year's cap burden.

Personally I'm still not sure either deal would make a ton of sense but we're asking readers to throw on their GM hats for a minute. Our recap of last night's loss to Denver and preview of tonight's match against the Jazz will be up a bit later this morning so in the meantime, give us your thoughts.