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Raptors' Rapid Recap - Toronto 104 - LA Clippers 89

Final Score - Toronto 104 - LA Clippers 89

- This was a strange one; Raps got down by as many as 22 early and looked dead in the water.

-However this is the Clippers we were talking about.  Toronto got the lead down to 9 at the half, then pulled neck-and-neck by the end of the third quarter.  In the fourth, they kept their collective feet on the gas pedal and sealed the W.

-Stats?  How about Toronto's porous first-half D, which allowed the Paperclips to shoot a ridiculous 75% in the first quarter!  Things improved in the second, but for the second straight game, it wasn't until the third quarter that the team really woke up defensively.

-Bosh led the Raps with 21 points and a herculean 14 rebounds without much help.  The next highest rebounder was Amir Johnson with 7.

-Speaking of Johnson, he and Belinelli were huge in this comeback.  Johnson provided the rebounding and hustle that was lacking early, while Belinelli proved the offense.

-Jose Calderon also was huge in the win scoring a very efficient 18 points while dising out 9 assists with nary a TO.

-Chris Kaman ended up playing and was good dominant offensively with a game-high 25.  He didn't get much help though with Baron Davis scoring a fairly lackluster 17.

-All in all, tough to be too upset with the club getting down by 22 considering the pride they played with to close this one out.  However against better teams (ahem, like their next 3 opponents), this type of incomplete effort isn't going to cut it.

-Finally...I can't imagine what you're thinking right now if you're a Clips fan...