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The NC-Double Eh Schedule

Ok basketball fans this weekend is, for all intents and purposes, the beginning of the NCAA college basketball season.  Can Ball Report has, and will be doing so throughout the NC-Double Eh basketball season, provide a game schedule for our readers so they know which or our Canadian boys are playing who and when. 

All that we want to say is get the trusty lounger fluffed, make sure your snacks are stocked, send the family on a trip to the mall and in some cases, like my own, prepare the excuses for the spouse.  It's the beginning of the NC-Double Eh season and we have some big games going on from Friday to Sunday.  We're still tweaking the format and the like so please Hammer, don't hurt us.  Here's to one shining moment everyone. 


Nov 13

Cal-Northridge @ (7) Purdue

This will be an early test for Willie Galick going up against a good team from a tough conference.

Tennessee Tech @ (18) Minnesota

After the last outing for Devoe Joseph, he may be a starter for this game.

Wagner @ Lafayette

Lafayette's Jared Mintz meets another Toronto native in Tyler Murray for Wagner.

Cleveland St @ St Bonaventure

The first regular season game for Andrew Nicholson.  I'd say this should be a must watch for Friday night.

Lehigh at Richmond

Richmond's Francis-Cedric Martel is poised for a big year for Spiders.

Vermont @ Loyola (MD)

This is the first game of redemption road for Maurice Joseph.

Long Island @ St John’s

The instant offense of LIU's Kyle Johnson will be challenged by a Red Storm.

Boston University @ Iona

Oakville's Scott Brittain should be starting from day one for BU.

Texas A&M-CC @ Oregon State

Toronto's Shamar Coombs should be a factor for the Aggies this season.

South Dakota State @ Wyoming

This should be the year that SDS's Kai Williams finally get's some respect and makes an all conference, now that his team is in a conference.

Santa Clara @ Cal-Bakersfield

Big game here.  Santa Clara's Marc Trasolini and Bakersfield's point guard Alex Johnson are among the best Canadians in the NCAA right now. 

New Mexico State @ St Mary’s

Hernst Laroche and Tyrone Watson should factor heavily New Mexico State's game plans.

McNeese State @ Northern Colorado

This should be the year the Vancouver's Diego Kapelan finally has some offensive help for McNeese State.

Portland State @ Belmont

Belmont's Jon House should be the go to outside threat this season.


Nov 14

Davidson @ (10) Butler

Davidson should feature William Archambault as a starter this season.

Belmont @ (13) Washington

Let's see how House handles a back-to-back against a quality offense.

Mount St Mary’s @ Oklahoma

Ryan Wright may come off the bench for this first game, barring any major improvement.

Bloomburg University @ Binghamton

So begins the Chretien Lukusa era at Binghamton.

Mississippi Valley State @ Gonzaga

Big game here with Sacre, Arop and Olynyk looking to be major factors all season for Zags.

St Catherine @ Western Carolina

Harouna Mutumbo's first game this season should be a showcase game.

West Virginia Weleyan @ Eastern Kentucky

Big Popa Oppong should start this game for Eastern Kentucky.


Nov 15

Lafayette @ Sacred Heart

Mintz should be on in a game like this.  He has the tools.

Vermont @ Buffalo

A battle of Quebecois in MoJo from Vermont and Max Boudreau at Buffalo.

McNeese State @ Hawa’ii

Kapelan has the pleasure of playing in Hawa'ii for this game.

Chicago State @ Iowa State

Kasamba at Chicago State should see some floor time and Iowa State's Jamie Vanderbeken should return from a slight injury in preseason.

Wright State @ Belmont

Third game in three days for House.

South Dakota @ Texas A&M-CC

And for your CIS-SIC fix, you can view the men's game schedule here and the women's here.  And also remember to check out our esteemed collegue Mark Wacyk's CIS hoops site here