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Raptors' Rapid Recap - Toronto 99 - Chicago 89

Final Score - Toronto 99 - Chicago 89

-The Raptors looked like they were still on their road trip in the first half, jacking up as many 3's as possible and allowing the Bulls to get whatever they wanted offensively.

-The result?  Bulls shooting over 50 per cent from the field at times and ending the half up by seven.

-Perhaps Triano tore into the troops before the 3rd quarter because suddenly the 3-point shooting stopped and the Raps looked to go inside first.  The defence stepped up as well and Chicago scored only 18 in the Q.

-Things got worse for Chicago in the fourth as not only did their key threat on the glass Noah get in foul trouble, but the shots weren't falling for the Bulls and they scored only 11 points.

-The Bulls and Raps ended up shooting about 40 per cent each from the floor when all was said and done, and were almost even on the glass.  The difference came down to Toronto's finish; while the Dinos made baskets and got stops at key times, Chicago came unglued. 

-Huge kudos to Jay Triano (something we'll be talking about more tomorrow morning.)  Ending the horrid Jack/Calderon crunch time experiment and using Wright on Derrick Rose was great, but Jay gets bonus points for yanking Bargs and going with the much more defensively active Amir Johnson in the clutch.