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Lunchbox Links

San Antonio Spurs blog Pounding the Rock recaps last night's game. They also point out that the Spurs' 131-point outburst shouldn't be considered a surprise since they score the second most amount of points in the NBA per 100 possessions. And the Toronto Raptors are horrific defenders -- let's not forget that.

Manu Ginobli pulled a page from his pre-injury past against the Raptors. You get the feeling that even Michael Jordan could come out of retirement and drop a double nickel on these clowns.

Kelly Dwyer goes Behind the Box Score, noting that Toronto was out-rebounded by 12 to a miserable rebounding team missing its best per game rebounder in Tim Duncan. Sigh.

Prior to last night's game, the Toronto Star's Doug Smith pointed out that the Raptors caught another break when it was announced that Duncan would miss the game due to swelling in his left ankle. But then it wasn't a break because the absence of Duncan and Tony Parker didn't necessarily make it easier to win. Ummm, alrighty then.

Chris Bosh was visibly frustrated after last night's loss. You can read more from Bosh, Jay Triano and the Spurs here.

Check out the latest power rankings from SB Nation, ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

Yes, as Arsenalist from Raptors Republic notes, Matt Bonner did indeed drive in for a two-handed slam. It was that kind of night.

Bonner also earned the Fan 590's "Alice Fazoolis" Player of the Game honours.

RaptorBlog notes that Jarrett Jack is at the heart of the problem and solution to our bench woes.

Sometimes, Tim from The Picket Fence doesn't like being right.

The Raptors got an Argentinian slap to the face last night.

What don't they get? A lot of things (mostly defensive).

Ih his latest chat, ESPN's Chris Sheridan talks about trading Bosh, who is playing the best basketball of his life.

Marcus Banks should be in Europe. I think a lot of Raptors fans can get on board with that idea.