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Check out the full list of Atlantic Division previews over at CelticsBlog.

Survey says! posted the results of their annual GM Survey and, if we're being honest, the Toronto Raptors did not receive a lot of love from rival GMs.

DeMar DeRozan received consideration as the most athletic rookie while Andrea Bargnani, Marco Belinelli and Jose Calderon (?!?!) received votes as international players most likely to have a breakout season in 2009-10.

Toronto received consideration as one of the teams making the best overall moves. They were also tabbed as a team that will be the most improved in 2009-10. Meanwhile, the Hedo Turkoglu sign-and-trade to Toronto also received votes as one of the most surprising moves of the offseason.

No need to push the panic button regarding newly bulked up Chris Bosh or Turkoglu.

Mistake-prone rookie DeRozan gets a chance to strut his stuff in the backcourt alongside a healthy Calderon during the Raptors' first game of the preseason.

The 10 best players of the last decade include former Raptor Tracy McBaby (but not Wince Carter).