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Lunchbox Links

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Do you think former Raptor Anthony Parker will make a greater impact for the Cleveland Cavaliers than Shaquille O'Neal? Wayne Winston thinks so. Winston, of course, is the professor of decision sciences at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business and, until this year, the statistical guru for the Dallas Mavericks.

ESPN The Magazine's 2009-10 NBA preview gives the Raptors an overall grade of B-minus while picking them to finish seventh in the East. Meanwhile, experts Chris Broussard and Tim Legler pick Chris Bosh as their Free Agent on the Move.

In the wake of LaMarcus Aldridge's extension, The Globe and Mail's Michael Grange revisits the draft Class of 2006 and opines that the Raptors got pretty decent value for Andrea Bargnani.

Tim from The Picket Fence asks what makes a great scorer, and discusses why a great shooter like Bargnani will never be a great scorer.

CelticsBlog compiles a list of Northwest Division previews.