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Lunchbox Links

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TrueHoop has a great story about the cyber heroics of Chris Bosh, who went after the cybersquatter that registered and ended up winning back his domain, as well as nearly 800 others. Bosh and his internet consultant, Hadi Teherany of Max Deal, say they'll return all the domains to their rightful owners for free. So hurry up Uros Slokar and get that domain back! The possibilities are endless!

Tonight's game against the Boston Celtics won't be available on TV or radio, but the Toronto Star's Doug Smith promises a live blog from Hartford.

The fact that tonight's game isn't available through the usual channels is disappointing, since it represents the first opportunity to see all five of their projected starters in the lineup. The rotation itself, however, remains a closely guarded secret.

Prized free agent acquisition Hedo Turkoglu is ready for his (approximately) 12-minute debut alongside Bosh and Andrea Bargnani. You can read about it here, here and here.

Arsenalist over at Raptors Republic breaks down a few of the key matchups heading into tonight's game, including Bosh vs. Kevin Garnett.

Halfway through the pre-season, the FAN 590's Eric Smith lists the five best Raptors. Can you say Sonny Weems?'s Scott Carefoot channels his inner Dennis Green to let us know "Amir Johnson is who I thought he was."