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Weekend Links: Thanksgiving Edition

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Rookie DeMar DeRozan is still making a lot of mistakes, according to coach Jay Triano. But the good news is he's a quick learner. DeRozan is also part of the athletic infusion that should make the Raptors a lot more entertaining to watch this season.

Gilbert Arenas has gone from being a player who wouldn't shut up to a silent assassin.

Hoops Addict has some interesting game observations, exclusive video interviews with Reggie Evans and Mike James, and audio interviews with Marco Belinelli, Amir Johnson and Jose Calderon. The Zan Tabak Herald also posted notes on the game.

The Toronto Sun's Steve Buffery recycled a months-old rumour about Chris Bosh being dealt to the Golden State Warriors, which Yahoo! Sports subsequently picked up. Way to keep your finger on the pulse there, Steve-O!'s NBA analyst Charley Rosen graded every NBA coach, and had this to say about Jay Triano:

"Jay Triano (Raptors) is a perfect match in Toronto — a mediocre coach for a mediocre team."

Funny, but I think Rosen is the perfect match for — a mediocre columnist for a mediocre sports site.

There is a mediocre video preview of the Raptors 2009/10 season over at, and a fairly in-depth preview (including some RaptorsHQ analysis) by Skeets at Yahoo! Sports.

T.Jose Caldesports purchased Basketball Prospectus and highlighted what it had to say about the Raptors' upcoming season. Here's a hint: It's not pretty.

Chris Bosh checks in at lucky number 13 in SLAM Online's Top 50.

Rumeal Robinson has gone from NCAA glory and NBA fame to douchebag extraordinaire. He also doesn't sound like he'll be "making it rain" anytime soon:

"He pulled up in a brand-new Mercedes SL500. He asked me if I had $20 for gas. He took me to seven or eight strip clubs, starting with Tootsie's. He would buy a Coke and nurse it for an hour or two, and I didn't see him give a dollar to the dancers."