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Game-Day Preview - Nets/NBA Blogosphere Power Rankings

Let's give VC some birthday beats!

Let's give VC some birthday beats!

I was recently asked by some other websites about our situation in Toronto, and in an interview that will be up in about a week or so, I took a long, hard look at our team and thought about the future for the first time.

Up until now, I've resisted talking about what camp I'm in as far as making a run at the playoffs, or sticking back and trying to draft high.

Perhaps I didn't want to face the reality in my own mind that I thought this season was already lost. If we lose one of these next two games, I believe the Raptors have to ask themselves some serious questions.

Can we expect to get past the first round this year?

What can we do to maximize our potential for a deep playoff run next year?

How can we best make use of Jermaine O'Neal's contract?

I don't believe that winning these next two games means that we have held off asking these tough questions for this year. But if we lose even just one of them?

And the first team up that we have to face is a team that we've already wasted opportunities with at home.

Of course, I'm talking about the New Jersey Nets.

With the Nets holding the 9th seed, and Devin Harris making the whole Jason Kidd trade with Dallas look crazier by the day, the Raptors will need to come out full force. The Nets were absolutely whipped by the Oklahoma last game, and we may be dealing with a Nets squad that's looking to dish out some pain on the Raptors.

So without further ado, here are the three keys:

1) Body Lopez -

In three meetings so far, Brook Lopez has averaged seven rebounds, with two on the offensive glass. He's averaged two blocks per game, and was the brightest spot in the Oklahoma City loss last game. What does that mean for the Raptors? Well, let's hope that Andrea Bargnani's resurgence doesn't take a step back. In fact, it'll be good work for our big rook as he's shown that he was better suited to battle Lopez. O'Neal on the other hand, was dominated by the big man in the previous three match-ups.

And it won't just be Lopez that Toronto needs to do a number on. The Nets possess other rugged types like Boone and Najera who like to mix it up.

Maybe we'll see a little Nathan Jawai action prior to the two minute remaining mark?

2) Clog the Paint -

Ok, we all know that Devin Harris has Jose's number off the dribble. So it'll be up to the entire team to step up and guard Harris. In fact, I wouldn't mind switching off Jose onto Bobby Simmons and letting a more athletic player like Anthony Parker guard Harris. Nevertheless, the Raptors should be able to clog the paint because the Nets are not normally that good of an outside shooting team. In fact, they are 27th in the league as far as shooting percentage is concerned. However, it's important to note that they are only 12th when it comes to 3 point percentage. Which means...

3) Guard the Arc -

Bobby Simmons. Vince Carter. Keyon Dooling. Jarvis Hayes. They all shoot over 35% from beyond the arc, and players such as Ryan Anderson have been able to scorch the Raptors as well. Therefore, rotations are going to be essential. The reason why the Raptors pulled off such an easy win the last time in New Jersey, was that they managed to anticipate the ball rotation so that the could intercept passes. The Raptors have plenty capable big men to guard the paint, so there should be no need to double team dribble drives. Instead, the Raptors should look to "pass off" dribble penetrators to those inside bigs and then to cover open outside shooters. Luckily, the Dinos won't have to contend with Yi Jianlian, which should make their life that much easier.

To be honest, this should be a simple win for the Raptors, but simple wins seem to be the most difficult kinds of wins to attain. In a season that has had plenty examples of the Raptors playing down to their opponents, I have to wonder if Jay Triano's message has gotten through to his players. These upcoming games will determine the fortune of the Raptors and that they will be indicators of which direction management should heading in the upcoming months.

I, for one, will be looking with great interest to see how this team once again reacts to adversity, now that we have a full roster.

Vicious D

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, it’s the Blogger Power Rankings being hosted by RaptorsHQ. Who is this week’ss number 1, and better yet who should be cleaning number 1's work-out clothes? Big props to all the blogs who participated this week including:

3 Shades of Blue (
Brewhoop (
Bust A Bucket (
Celtics Blog (
Empty The Bench (
Queen City Hoops (
With Malice (
Hardwood Paroxysm (
And ourselves here at the HQ.

So let’s start at the top…

1. Los Angeles Lakers

- They manhandled the Spurs over the weekend and the Cavs last week. They're back to the boring domination that we all despise them for. - 3 Shades of Blue

- With the victory over the forces of evil (read "San Antonio"/"Cleveland"), LA wrap up the top spot this week. But it's close. There's not a helluva lot separating the top 4 teams, and it's very much a week-to-week thing as to who's going to hold #1. That said, LA are looking much like the Western juggernaut that they did at the beginning of the year. The win over the Spurs - 2nd best team out West - was impressive. - With Malice

2. Cleveland Cavaliers

Getting their swagger back after the West injury and the LA debacle. But they need a big win to get back to the top and toppling the Dubs on a last second jumper (in your face, Rick Barry!) is not such a win. - Hardwood Paroxysm

It's feeling more and more like LeBron's year to get over the top and win a title. God knows he's going to be a bitch to deal with in the postseason. - Empty the Bench

3. Boston Celtics

That slide is a thing of the past. They have now won eight straight. - RaptorsHQ

We're sorry, Boston. Our bad. Didn't mean to say all that "prime is past, done like dinner" stuff. We were just joshing. Please remove the banana from our tailpipe. - Hardwood Paroxysm

4. Orlando Magic

And now the Magic see where that next level is. Let's see if they can figure out how to get there - Celtics Blog (post Celtics W)
After rolling through their West Coast road trip last week, they only had two games this week...and lost both. They still make the East a lot more interesting for the casual fan. - 3 Shades of Blue

5. San Antonio Spurs

Their big three are rounding into playoff form - Bust a Bucket

Here they come, here they come, here they come, oh, the Lakers game there they go, there they go, there they go. - Hardwood Paroxysm

6. Denver Nuggets

Kleiza has been a saving grace since Anthony went out. - RaptorsHQ

Even without Carmelo Anthony, the Nuggets keep winning. Performance-wise, they'll be stronger having had this enforced hiatus. They're not one of the very elite, but getting very, very close. Look out for Denver. - With Malice

7. New Orleans Hornets

Not quite the same fire as last year. - Bust a Bucket

Is is just me or has last year's feel-good story become an afterthought this season? Don't sleep on them or you'll pay for it. - 3 Shades of Blue

8. Portland TrailBlazers

Want to prove you are crazy? Wear a Miles jersey to the Rose Garden. - RaptorsHQ

9. Houston Rockets

Who even likes T-Mac anymore? I don't get how anyone voted for him under any scenario. - Celtics Blog

The Rockets are going to be a really, really tough out in the playoffs... assuming they're at full strength, which is never a given. - Empty the Bench

10. Atlanta Hawks

They're back to being in every game and still haven't gotten Horford back. Be advised, they're laying in the weeds. - Hardwood Paroxysm

Joe Johnson is legit. - Bust a Bucket

11. Phoenix Suns

If they trade Amare the rest of the West should send Steve Kerr a Thank You card. - 3 Shades of Blue

It's almost as if the Suns don't want Amare Stoudemire to stay. Isn't it time to consider them a "troubled franchise" - given they have the same record as both Utah and Dallas - two teams that could be regarded as having problems? - With Malice

12. Philadelphia 76ers

This week's "Team You Hope Isn't On The Schedule." - Hardwood Paroxysm

Getting Brand back and won 8 of 10. - Bust a Bucket

13. Dallas Mavericks

Kidd wants to play until he is 40. The Mavs hope that's not in Dallas. - RaptorsHQ

The blowout win on the road in Detroit was nice, but the embarrassing blowout loss in Milwaukee outweighed it. This team is going to struggle to make the postseason. - Empty the Bench

14. Utah Jazz

Not a lot to get excited about here. Jazz-fans talk about falling too far behind North-West leading Denver. Forget Denver. They are as far ahead as the 20 point victory they enjoyed on Sunday suggests. Worry about making the playoffs at all. - With Malice

Too many injuries and not enough time to gel as a whole unit will hold this team back once again. - Empty the Bench

15. Miami Heat

Dwayne Wade? Sick, sick, sick. - RaptorsHQ

Where, oh where will Shawn Marion wind up? - 3 Shades of Blue

16. Detroit Pistons

So now Dumars wants to move Iverson? Lord knows he won't get a player of Billups stature back. - RaptorsHQ

They've made the extraordinary... ordinary. - Hardwood Paroxysm

I don't know Rasheed, you tell us why your team is dropping like it's hot...

I don't know Rasheed, you tell us why your team is dropping like it's hot...

17. Milwaukee Bucks

The Nets have a few pieces that are actually very good. And their role players aren't awful. With Redd's injury at Milwaukee, New Jersey are my pick to be the punching bag for Boston come the playoffs. - With Malice

Something tells me there won't be much difference between the pre-Michael Redd injury and post-Michael Redd injury Bucks. - Empty the Bench

18. New York Knicks

If Nate Robinson stays hot and Mike d'Antoni can squeeze out some quality minutes here and there from Tim Thomas and Danilo Gallinari, the Knicks could be looking at a playoff berth. Scary. - Empty the Bench

The basketball equivalent of "playing with house money." - Hardwood Paroxysm

19. Charlotte Bobcats

So maybe they SHOULD trade all their youth for vets. - RaptorsHQ

If they trade Gerald Wallace, then I will officially have no idea what they are trying to accomplish. - 3 Shades of Blue

20. Minnesota Timberwolves

There is a lot to like about how this team is coming together; hitting .500 by season's end would really be something. - Empty the Bench

Given how much Dallas are sucking of late, and how well the Timberwolves are playing, is it too much to think that Minnesota could make the playoffs? Probably... but at least it's possible to raise that now without getting laughed at. - With Malice

21. New Jersey Nets

Someone want to grab the wheels? Because they're kind of coming off right now. - Hardwood Paroxysm

They are actually a much better team on the road then at home. Could they move to Brooklyn any faster? - RaptorsHQ

22. Indiana Pacers

Danny Granger's good. Very good. At least you can say that about one Pacer. Beyond Granger? Ewwwwwwwwwww. - With Malice

Marquis Daniels makes this team much better. That feels weird to say. - Hardwood Paroxysm

23. Toronto Raptors

The countdown to Chris Bosh leaving town has begun. - Empty the Bench

With Jermaine O'Neal's price tag, they should get a refund...unless it was a Buy One, Get One Free kinda thing. - 3 Shades of Blue

24. Chicago Bulls

Imagine this team with Aldridge...I am sure Bulls fans do. - RaptorsHQ

Vinny Del Negro should be given an award for Least Valuable Coach. - Hardwood Paroxysm

25. Golden State Warriors

But for an amazing shot from LeBron James, the Dubs beat the Cavs. Now, that doesn't make them on a par with Cleveland, not even close. But it is indicative of better days ahead at Golden State. They won't make the playoffs, but they will make life tough for some teams that will. - With Malice

It may not necessarily translate to more wins, but the return of Monta Ellis should make the Warriors even more entertaining to watch. - Empty the Bench

26. Oklahoma City Thunder

Playing .500 ball in the last ten. A lot of teams with better records can't say that right now. - RaptorsHQ

Hey, not so bad, eh? - Hardwood Paroxysm

27. Memphis Grizzlies

A hill to climb, but for the longest time - looking pretty good. Then... uh-oh... - With Malice

28. Washington Wizards

Wouldn't Jamison look good in another jersey? - RaptorsHQ

The only team actually out of the playoff picture in the East. - 3 Shades of Blue

29. Sacramento Kings

If the NBA were a film, the Kings are the extras who get blown up. - Hardwood Paroxysm

Ever seen a group of 8 year olds play basketball? Then you don't need to go to the Arco Arena this season. - With Malice

30. Los Angeles Clippers

When I think about the Clippers, I'm reminded of the vid-clip of Dave England of Jackass making an omelette (search that on YouTube). - With Malice

It's so bad that injured players are trying to STAY injured. - RaptorsHQ