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Rock the Bells

First off, the article I had planned to write today won't be up till tomorrow morning.

Yesterday was possibly the longest day of my life as I attended the hip-hop super show, "Rock the Bells" so thoughts on Brezec to Virtus Roma, Childress to Greece, and Garbs mulling Lakers offers will have to wait a day.

To say that I am a bit fatigued today would be a severe understatement considering I was basically standing for 13 hours (concert started at noon and I didn't get home until after 1) and the only nourishment my body took in was hops, barley, and pepperoni...

Was it a good show? with most of these super-shows, it was a mixed review when all was said and done. The VIP tickets I had copped for a chance at a meet-and-greet with A Tribe Called Quest turned out to be slightly bogus (only 100 ticket holders got to meet them and the whole thing was terribly organized) and even though the acts were solid (De La Soul, Redman, Method Man, Cool Kids, MURS, Rakim, Tribe, Nas, Pharcyde), the length of the show killed most of my hype by the time Tribe took the stage.

The thing that drives me nuts about these types of shows is why promoters can never get it right. Either half the acts don't get across the border (like last year's fiasco with EPMD headlining) or there are ridiculous waits between acts and a lack of cohesion between the on-site staff and the organizers. Therefore no one knows what's going on, and it just sort of becomes a free-for-all at times.

In any event, tomorrow though we'll be taking a look at some final thoughts on Vegas and discussing the Nets roster situation in more detail.

It looks like my guesses on who would be moved along with Marcus Williams were correct as the New York Daily News this morning is reporting that:

"The Nets are said to be looking to package Williams and one of their other young players, such as forwards Josh Boone or Sean Williams..."

Could Toronto throw their hat in the ring? Tough to say but it's something we'll take a closer look at and we'll examine what Toronto's likely going to do next, now that Summer League has concluded.

On a final note, we're sending a call out to all budding sports journalists or simply those who wish to write about the Canadian basketball scene.

Our host,, is looking for some new blood for the fall so if you're interested, shoot Ray Bala an email at

Hooplife is looking for a mix of writers across Canada to cover both the regional and local basketball scenes; from high school right up to college. Therefore it doesn't matter if you live in Richmond, or Richmond Hill, give Ray a shout.