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Sunday Afternoon Thought

Steve Francis as Jose Calderon's back-up, are we crazy?

Steve Francis as Jose Calderon's back-up, are we crazy?

Tomorrow we’ll be running a list of all available restricted and unrestricted free agents here at the HQ, along with our thoughts on each player as to who would make sense (and who is affordable) for the Toronto Raptors.

But prior to that, I wanted to throw out two ideas and get some feedback on them.

Considering the Raptors need a back-up point guard all of a sudden...

1) Would you take a chance on a maligned former star like Steve Francis or Stephon Marbury? Toronto could up the risk ante by having a team of guys out to re-establish themselves as guys like O'Neal, Francis and Marbury were all not too long ago amongst the creme of the NBA crop. If either Francis or Marbury were bought out by their current clubs, would this be something BC should take a close look at? Marbury probably makes the least amount of sense of the two considering his desire to start but you have to wonder if Steve Francis would just be happy to PLAY at this point in time...not to mention at times he could probably get some playing time at the 2 being a scoring guard to Jose's play at the point.

2) Or, what about looking at someone who has yet to prove himself, but who still has all the talent in the world to be a successful NBA player. Someone like oh I don’t know, Shaun Livingston?

The Clippers aren't expected to make a qualifying offer to him as it would run them somewhere in the range of nearly $6 Million thus making him an unrestricted free agent. Livingston of course sat out all of last season recovering from a knee injury but is apparently closing in on a return. At only 22 years of age and being a 6-7 former top 5 pick, maybe he could be had for cheap?