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Tip-In, Toronto Raptors Post-Game: Disgrace is Spelt D-I-S-GRACE

The RaptorsHQ team had the same reaction last night...

The RaptorsHQ team had the same reaction last night...

They don’t care who the opposition is, they are always willing to step up and make the tough play and the tough call.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for out beloved (???) Raps. I came to the T dot this weekend to visit my boys and we obviously spent Friday night watching the Raps game. What a waste of our time, actually check that, it was a good excuse to get boozed cause the game was an absolute disgrace.

For the Raps to pretend that they are a playoff team after tonight’s effort is a complete farce.

I was ready to abuse T.J. tonight, however I came away from the game realizing that the whole team put on an absolutely terrible performance.

So what we’ve decided is that the boys here at the HQ are going to take a little break until the Raps decide to start putting in some effort.

We’ll leave the game comments up to all y’all.

Big Chill