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Rookie Game and Jamario Moon Interview

How's this for a rookie team?

How's this for a rookie team?

Andrea Bargnani will represent Toronto on the sophomore squad while Jamario Moon will rep the Raps for the rookies.

This is usually a game of high-flying aerial antics and mostly style over substance. It's therefore the kind of game both players should excell in...Bargnani can drain 3's all game long without having to worry about rebounding and Moon will be receiving lots of alley-oop looks.

Who wins the contest?

Jamario is going with the rookies:

"I think we’re going to go out and hand it to the sophomores," Moon said. "Man, we have a good team! Durant, Horford, Sean Williams, Navarro … everybody that’s on the roster. We got a good little crew."

And Moon's dunk competitor Rudy Gay is going of course with the sophomores.

The sophomores have won the past five matches by an average of over 20 points but I think tonight's match should be different. With Mike Conley running the show for the rookies, Kevin Durant and Moon running the wings, and Sean Williams and Al Horford blocking shots and grabbing rebounds, I think the rookies will squeak by on this one.

Check out during the game tonight (to be shown at 10 PM Eastern on the Score) for live chat and discussion.

Also, for those who haven't yet read it, the interview I did with Jamario at the Raptors' media day this season is posted on MoonHQ. It's in both transcribed, and Windows Media Player format and can be heard here.