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Tip-In: Toronto Raptors Post Game – A Guessing Game

Huh. This doesn't look like the Raps vs. Clips......

Huh. This doesn't look like the Raps vs. Clips......

The season is right around the corner and there’s no doubt I’m fired up. As Franchise mentioned yesterday, Friday night was our annual fantasy basketball draft. There are few occasions when a bunch of 20 and 30 something’s can get together, wear jerseys that are much too tight and act like children. It’s pure jokes and tons of fun.

Now that everyone has their fantasy rosters in place, watching games and looking at box scores takes on a new importance. Outside of the HQ I now have even more reason to watch the Raps as my team features one Jose Calderon. With the Raps set to play the Clippers I was set to watch my new PG do his thing.

It didn’t happen.

Close to game time that I realized the Raps were not going to be on television. Although I was disappointed I was still committed to following the game. The plan was to listen in online via the NBA League Pass.

Wrong again.

The broadcast from was not functioning and as a result I was left with the box-score. Yes, a box score was the best I could do.

Now it seems to me if you are trying to sell a product you need to put it in front of people as much as possible. Remember when Apple came out with the Ipod and buildings and billboards alike were covered with dancing silhouettes on a brightly coloured background? Apple was selling a new product and it was everywhere. Apparently the league is not taking that approach.

Now I am not a hockey fan nor do I follow it, but by all accounts it is going to be a long season in Leaf land. If that’s the case is now not the perfect time for the Raptors to take the limelight? For a franchise committed to growing interest in the game in Canada doesn’t putting the product in front of people at every opportunity seem like a no brainer?

It's only a blip on the radar screen but it is a missed opportunity.

With only a box score to look at I won’t be making an attempt at a recap. I am sure everyone has seen the stats and frankly it looks like we missed a solid game. Jermaine clearly had his best pre-season game and so did Bosh. On paper it looks like we missed the first true showing of Toronto’s version of the twin towers. It would have been interesting to see how Jermaine scored against a solid big man like Chris Kaman and how he and Bosh were playing off each other. It also would have been interesting to see how O’Neal managed the 5 blocks. When was the last time a Toronto big man had 5 blocks?! Anyone?

Ladies and Gentlement, you're new starting SF?!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your new starting SF?!

Of course there are a few interesting things to note, including a second consecutive start by Joey Graham. Although he did little on the offensive end perhaps more noteworthy is that he managed 5 boards and only one personal foul.

It also seems that the back-up PG situation is no more clear today then it was earlier this pre-season. Ukic and Solomon both played a handful of minutes and neither did anything of note stats wise.

The last stat that jumps off the page to me is the number of times the Raps got to the line. Making 33 trips to the line is a great sign. Getting to the line, in particular on the road, would be tremendously beneficial as the season wears on.

Outside of the above you’ll have to use your imagination which may not be a bad thing. You may have to use your imagination a number of times this season if Rogers doesn’t manage to get TSN2 on their slate of sports channels.

In a world where technology puts everything at your finger tips its amazing that Raps games are getting harder and harder to see or for that matter, listen to.