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Nada Equipo de Estrellas por Jose

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Yep, time for a rant.

I could understand if Richard Jefferson got the pick.

I could even understand if Ray Allen made it based on the Celtics' season.

But Joe freaking Johnson???

The Hawks once again are nose-diving, and Johnson isn't even the best player on his team!

Charles Barkley stated that Richard Jefferson wasn't getting the vote because he played for a team that was 19 and 26...yet Johnson's Hawks are 18 and 24!!

Perhaps I've been too naive. After all, half of the coaches in the Western Conference haven't even seen Jose play that much. For once maybe I would have preferred it if the sportswriters and other media made the choices.


And could I take some solace in the fact that Chris Bosh gets the interview after the Eastern Conference All-Stars are announced?

Nope...instead, once again, more uninformed media questions towards CB4...and not even a MENTION of Jose from anyone...INCLUDING Bosh. Bosh instead, gave his "he should have made it" vote to Hedo Turkoglu!


Apparently people have been swayed by his game-winning shot antics and don't realize what a liability he is at times.

Don't get me wrong, Hedo has had a great season and is a big reason the Magic have been so successful. But as I did earlier this week, when you compare him statistically using various methods to Jose, it's not even close.

And it's not just me that thinks this way, various press articles like this one have echoed my thoughts.

And I'm not even going to get going on Joe Johnson. I have him on two fantasy teams and his play is like a yo-yo...30 points one night on solid shooting, nine the next. Is that how you define All-Star?

I guess I have to settle with Moon, Bargs, Bosh and at least Kapono representing the team.

Perhaps the NBA had a Can-con quota...