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For much of the season we here at the HQ spend our time writing previews, re-caps and for the most part discuss the "now" issues. It leaves little time for a discussion piece on a variety of issues so we've taken the time to discuss a few issues on the brain starting...starting with Franchise's take on the Super Sports Pack.

I was really looking forward to the start of 2008.

Not because I had some crazy resolutions to take care of - well, other than getting back to the gym - but because I had switched my cable package with Rogers right before Christmas so the Sports Pack would be part of my service come Jan. 1.

It was a strategic move on my part as Dexter, Californiacation, Curb Your Enthusiasm and John From Cincinnati had all finished their seasons on Rogers On Demand so I was prepared to replace my movies and "On Demand" pack with sports. In addition, I knew that the Raptors only nationally televised game was coming up this Friday and wanted to catch ESPN's feed of the game as opposed to our usual slugs from Raptors TV.

Talk about basketball heaven right?

Well, after scouting things out the past few days, and even with a billion games at my disposal, I must say I'm a bit disappointed.

First of all, there's still not a lot of HD options for channels, something I hope will change as the technology becomes more available.

Second, I'm noticing that most of the games have an "East Coast" bias. This is slightly frustrating from an NCAA stand-point because I really wanted to see clubs like UCLA, Cal and Arizona in action this year an unfortunately there's not a Bruins game to be found this month and probably next as well.

and we should learn more about the long term prospects for TJ. I for one would like to see a move that in exchange for some of the depth, brings the team a little more punch.