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Media Watch for July 26, 2006

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To kick this media watch off, we start with some somwhat sad news for Raptor fans. As we've been predicting on the site for the past while, it was announced this morning that long-time Raptor Alvin Williams has been bought out. Williams of course has been one of the franchise's longest serving players (leads Toronto all-time in assists and games played) and a fan favourite. Apparently the buyout will allow Williams to keep about half of the close to $16 million owed to him and perhaps look to catch on with another club. It's also possible that Alvin returns to the Raps in some sort of non-player role.

Here at the HQ we wish Alvin all the best in whichever avenue he intends to persue on or off the court and hope that at one point he's able to rejoin the Raptors in some sort of goodwill position. From a business standpoint however this is another great move by Colangelo and co. It frees Toronto up financially and allows Toronto to perhaps use Williams' roster spot for a young prospect. In the coming days we'll be discussing this move in more depth looking at the impact Alvin's had on the franchise and what Toronto's options may be with that new roster opening.

Also this morning, the Raptors officially announced the signing of former Indiana Pacers' guard, Fred Jones. The signing continues the whirlwind makeover of the Raptors that has only four of last year's players returning to this year's club.

The strange situation regarding John Salmons, the player originally slated for Fred Jones roster spot with Toronto, finally has some clarity. In an article in today's Philadelphia Daily News, Salmons talks about why he declined offers from both Phoenix and Toronto to settle with the Kings in the end. However all the article really did for this HQ staffer, was confirm his sneaking suspicions that Salmons never really intended to join Toronto or Phoenix and coveted the ability to become an unrestricted free agent. This would allow him to reap the rewards of a potentially bigger contract with another team...oh the joys of agents. In any event, Salmons sure has this HQ staffer singing a different tune about him.

Finally, some of our readers have been asking about Chris Bosh updates from the US National team tryouts. Bosh was of course one of 15 players selected to play in the upcoming World Championships in Asia. It sounds like Bosh is really enjoying himself at the USA camp, and has made quite an impression on the coaching staff.