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Tempered Enthusiasm - Salmons Deal Still A Go?

Various sources this morning are reporting that the proposed sign-and-trade deal between Toronto and Philadelphia involving guard John Salmons, is no longer a "sure-thing."

First, from the Toronto Star, comes reports that "serious snags had developed in the transaction..." although it's not certain what those snags are at this point. There is speculation in both the Toronto and Philadelphia media that something else may be in the works.

-Could Colangelo be looking to use Salmon's cap space now in a potentially bigger trade scenario?

-Is Salmons having second thoughts about coming to Toronto?

-Is Philly now coveting more than simply a second-round pick in return for Salmons under the sign-and-trade scenario?

-Salmons was supposed to be in Toronto for a physical yesterday and is it possible he didn't pass?

Stranger things have happened in Raptorland.

Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo would not comment on the sign-and-trade situation but it's evident that with Andre Barrett clearning waivers yesterday, and the tumbleweeds that followed, something is holding things up.

So which of these is most believable?

I for one, am not buying the "Salmons has a change of heart" situation. Phoenix yesterday signed guard Marcus Banks to a long-term contract thereby negating what would have been Salmons' backup plan. And there isn't another team in the NBA who would or could offer the 76'ers' guard a similar deal.

No, I'm thinking the snag is either that Salmons' physical testing didn't go as expected, or Bryan Colangelo and co. suddenly have another plan in the works. Both scenarios are quite plausible considering a) physical testing situations like New Jersey went through last year with Abdur-Rahim (ie - players who seem healthy don't always pass physicals) and b) Colangelo's propensity to "wheel and deal." Colangelo and the rest of his staff have been quite tight-lipped on trades and signings as we've seen so far this summer so no, a trade or other move involving that cap space projected for Salmons wouldn't be out of the question.

In the meantime, it sounds like the Jorge Garbajosa signing will become official very soon, perhaps even this morning, and Uros Slokar has confirmed with Slovenian press members that he's headed to Toronto this season.

Of course if Salmons stays in limbo or doesn't join the Raptors, this opens up a whole new train of speculation concerning the likes of Eddie House and Fred Jones. And although things are a bit crowded at the 4 spot, for rebounding and toughness purposes would you take a look at Reggie Evans? And if there is perhaps a secret deal in the works, who would be coming to Toronto?

Just when it seemed like Raptor fans were in for a quiet remaining few months before next season, Colangelo may be throwing us for a loop once again.