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The Draft Explained...RapsHQ Style

This is a great time to be a Raptors fan. Since the season ended two months ago, the focus has been on the draft.

While it may be a great time for basketball fans, those fans in relationships may have to endure quizzical looks and numerous questions when they start discussing who the Raptors should draft in the first round. has come up with the solution.

If your significant other poses a question such as:

“The Raptors have the 1st pick and two "second rounder" picks. That sounds good, why is there so much confusion. Don't you just take the best player?”

Here’s the foolproof answer:

Yes that is great for the Raptors. That means that, of all of the draft-eligible players, the Raptors get to pick number 1 and then 35th and 56th.

Let’s pretend that the draft was for hot actresses.

Your first selection is the best of the best. Problem is like most men no-one can agree on this. Some will say Angelina Jolie, others will disagree with that and suggest Jessica Simpson or Eva Longoria, and still others will say Jenn Sterger or some super model that suits there fancy. The fact is no-one can really decide who is the "hottest". Like many things beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

That's what makes this draft so unpredictable and so interesting and why as a Raptor fan you MUST watch. We are all dying to see who BC decides is the "cream of the crop". As the draft wears on there are still some hotties but they each have their Paris Hilton, she's been with Brian Urlacher, Jose Theodore and others, along with once being engaged to someone with the same name....there are clearly issues here, some of them IQ oriented. Someone however, will overlook those drawbacks and decide she's the one. Think Marcus Williams and the laptop. He made some poor decisions but is still nice product.

The second round is where you can roll the dice a bit. At 35, the Raptors will wait and hope that someone they think is first round "talent" falls into their lap, pardon the pun. Guys like James White, Josh Boone and Mardy Collins to name a few. The Raptors may also take a flyer on an unproven talent at 56, someone they can store away and hope develops. Think of the girl in highschool who was never a looker and then at your reunion is clearly the hottest girl there.

In most cases the better teams already have a ton of eye candy, so they don't get to pick as high. They just need some back-ups to help shed themselves of the "not so attractive" tag along friend. Think of Dallas, replacing Rachael Hunter (Darrell Armstrong) with someone a little younger like Lindsay Lohan (Quincy Douby).

Now, New York may cause some confusion. Your girlfriend may know that the Knicks suck already and get confused by the fact that they don't get to pick someone like Jessica Alba at the number 2 spot. You could tell her that the Knicks traded the rights to Alba and likely next years Miss Universe (Greg Oden) to the Bulls for Edna Krabapple (Eddy Curry). Some people just don't recognize hotness.

Meanwhile, there are some unknowns in the draft (like Pecherov) from Europe. These Euro's ladies could be a high pick but GM's are hesitant because no-one has seen them in a bathing suit. It's a risk because the GM's really don't know what is underneath.

So when you turn on the tube tonight to enjoy the draft and have not managed to escape the wife/fiancee/girlfriend to enjoy it over a few beers try this approach. It may have her counting down the days until the 07 draft.