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Chapman Checks In

Isn’t this the best time of the year for a basketball fan? The Finals are on and the draft and trade rumours are abundant. This has always been my favourite time of the year, when the worlds of the NCAA and the NBA collide.

Your comments on possible trade scenarios have been great. ESPN’s Chad Ford mentioned in Friday’s blog about the rumour that the Raps are discussing a deal with Milwaukee that would see them get Jamaal Magloire and Mo Williams in exchange for CV Smooth or the #1 pick. Now, I like Mo Williams and I think Magloire would be a good fit, but I don’t like the idea of giving up Charlie V and I don’t like the fact that both Williams and Magloire are free agents at the end of next year.

Many people are beginning to get the feeling that Bryan Colangelo is ready to trade out of this draft. The fact that both and Draft Express have Adam Morrison as the #1 pick does nothing to sway me away from that same feeling.

More from Chad Ford: “None of the top six players (in the draft)…is a perfect fit for Toronto”. That’s a very interesting statement, considering the Raptors won all of 27 games last season.

More from the mock drafts: Draft Express has the Raps taking Cal’s Leon Powe at 56. Even as a UCLA fan, that selection would make me very, very happy.

Speaking of Draft Express, keep an eye on the site over the next few days as Howland interviews Jonathan Givony. It should be a fantastic read.

What would make me happier, as a UCLA fan, is if Jordan Farmar returned to school. Ford says he’s leaning that way. Bruin Basketball Report doesn’t share that view.

My two cents on the Hoffa trade: It was time. Hoffa was never going to reach his potential (whatever potential he might have) here in Toronto. Utah is the perfect spot for him. Getting Kris Humphries might prove to be a good move. After all, he’s only 21 and would be heading into his senior season at Minnesota had he not left after his freshman season. I liked him coming out of college and I still like him now.

It would be nice to see a solid NBA Finals to culminate a great NBA playoffs. Unfortunately, we’re not getting that. Give Avery Johnson credit. He has gameplanned so well and Miami needs its role players to step up and hit shots if it doesn’t want to be swept by the Mavericks. (Late night addendum: Game 3 was DOPE)

Let me be the first to make the obvious comparison: Avery Johnson is the Pinball Clemons of the NBA.

More draft rumours: Former LSU star Randy Livingston has been helping Tyrus Thomas workout and claims that Thomas nailed 15 of 25 NBA three pointers in a recent workout. What, exactly, that tells us is not clear.

On a non-hoops note, you have to love the World Cup of soccer. Save for the Angola-Portugal match, every game has been interesting and exciting.

Holland’s Arjen Robben is a genius.

Will anyone beat Chelsea next season?

Another reason to get excited: college football preview magazines are now out.

Two more examples of why people resent pro athletes: Ben Roethlisberger and J.J. Redick.

To the readers: Let us know what you’d like to see in the off-season. You know that will have you covered during the lead-up to the draft, during the free agency and trade periods. But, is there anything else that we can do to improve our site, in your eyes? Drop us a suggestion in a comment, or email us at