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We Now Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Sing along with me if you remember it..."after these messages...we'll be riiiiiiiight back..."

Remember that old school ABC Saturday morning cartoon jingle? No?

You don't remember the claymation interludes seperating endless hours of Hulk Hogan's rockin' wrestling, Garfield and Friends, GI Joe, Fat Albert and the rest?

Well that classic interlude was us here at the HQ for the past week + but now, we're back...and ready to get this summer jumped off.

With exactly two weeks until the NBA Draft lottery, the "dead zone" is almost over. Oh the the dead, not the Christopher Walken classic but that seemingly endless vortex in time when Raptor fans have to sit and watch the NBA's "other" teams battle it out in the playoffs while waiting to see where we'll be picking in the lottery this year.

So what have we been doing during this "down time?" Well, between spins of the newest releases by the likes of Gnarls Barkley, Ghostface, Arctic Monkeys and Lupe Fiasco, here's our top five list of "what we did during the Dead Zone."

1. Trying to figure out whether that was Kobe or VC circa 2004 during the
second half of Lakers-Suns Game 7
2. Wondering what ever happened to Hakan Loob while Franchise mourned the unnecessary first round exit of his Flames.
3. Admiring the "home sweet home" mat Howland put in his office.
4. Trying to find the next Artic Monkeys. Oops...Arctic Monkeys.
5. Attempting to assassinate Terrell Everett.

Why Everett? Well...let's just say there's been a bit of disagreement here at the HQ over using one of our second round picks on him. Howland is all for his selection...Chapman and I think a player who can basically touch the rim without jumping like Saer Sane is worth the risk.

However one thing all three of us are in agreement about is that this could be the biggest offseason for the Raptor fans in club history...and we'll be bringing the analysis every step of the way.

Starting this week, like the Strokes who rocked Ricoh Colliseum last Saturday night, I'll be asking "Is This It?" while examining how bad the Raptors really are in comparison to some of the NBA's other squads. We'll also be revealing our RaptorsHQ "if we were playing GM" offseason plan Vol. I and asking for our readers' takes on what they would do if they were playing GM. The best entry will get posted for all to see, admire and worship.

Next week (May 13 to be exact) is the one-year anniversary of our site so we'll be looking back at some of our favourite pieces from year one at the HQ. And later that week Jeff Chapman will be dropping by with a look at some of the defensive stoppers he feels the Raptors should be targeting this offseason.

All aboard folks, we are now leaving the Dead Zone...