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Tip In: Cleveland Rocks

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I'll be honest.

This recap was going to be a lot longer and a tad deeper than what you are about to read. My idea was to compare the longer-term fortunes of our beloved Raptors and Toronto's beloved Maple Leafs.

The idea is that with Bryan Colangelo on board, the Raptors are on the way up. Meanwhile, with John Ferguson Jr. (can't we change his name to Pat? Because he's making Pat Gillick look like a day trader) at the helm, the Leafs are looking old and slow, without much hope for the future.

Then, I realized that I was a little too hungover from attending last night's Leafs game and I decided to scrap that idea.

When I (finally) got out of bed this morning, the first thing I did was pick up my free coffee from Tim Horton's and sat down to watch Game in an Hour. As I struggled to stay awake, here's what struck me:

- Rarely does this team get blown out. Even when they were down 16 midway through the third quarter, you just had a feeling that the Raptors were going to make a run to get back into it. And that's just what they did, getting the lead down to 2 with five minutes to go. No wonder they are the NBA's best team against the spread this season.

- Could we get a rebound please? The Raps were outrebounded on both ends of the court and that's never a good thing. Good defense without rebounding means nothing. Not saying that the Raptors exhibit Pistons-esque defense on the regular, but when they do, they need to grab the rebound. Because if you don't, it leads to....

- ...second chance points. Nothing frustrates me more. I can bet that Sam Mitchell is even more frustrated. Do you think we need to address rebounding in the off-season?

- I realize that Mike James led the Raps with 31, including 15 in the fourth but the Amityville Scorer? Come on, Chuck. That makes me cringe...

- Speaking of that, Franchise wants me to mention the incident from the Celtics game where someone had a sign that said "Who? Mike JAMES!!!". Chuck obviously missed the joke and said "that's right folks, Mike James, WHO?" cricket...

- I did enjoy Chuck's random Michigan State references when discussing Eric Snow: Shawn Respert. Jamie Feick. Nice.

- Points in the paint were a negative again, as Young Z had his way in the painted area. Even Drew Gooden was somewhat effective, which surprises me as I still think he is a fraud.

- Funniest stuff I've seen in a while is this parody of Coach K. If you follow college football at all, be sure to check out the Chuck Amato and John Bunting ones as well.

- Glad to see that our CV Smooth nickname is beginning to catch on... in many places.