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Tip In: The Running Diary

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Ah, the hallmark of a lazy writer: The running diary. Heck, I figure with the way recent games have gone when I've had to do the recap, I'd rather be frustrated and happy than just plain frustrated.

7:00: Chuck and Jack break down the hiring of Bryan Colangelo. A graphic shows Colangelo's drafting history: Did you know that he drafted Jake Tsakalidis? Did you know I lost a draft pool because of that pick?

7:03: No, Charlie. That toque doesn't look good.

7:06: Still the worst intro ever. Isn't it time for some Thug Motivation?

7:07: Matt Bonner is starting? But I just texted Charlie V to short code BBALL...

7:08: Ah, my boy Royal Ivey. Remember when Hakim Warrick teabagged you? I will NEVER get tired of that dunk.

7:15: Is Zaza his real name? Note to self: check on this later.

7:18: Josh Smith hits a jumper. Actually, Jay Bilas, it's not his first.

7:20: Now that's strange. Charlie V hits a jumper and Jack says "He's so smooth". Well, I remember that a certain broadcaster, when Chuck started using our nickname, CV Smooth, for Charlie, stated that we should not refer to Charlie V as being "smooth". It won't be long before the Takeover is complete.

7:22: Anyone else think that the new Ford commercial, the one with random car noises somehow forming a beat, is nothing more than a rip off of "What Happened To That Boy?"

7:25: 20-18 after 8 minutes. Kinda glad I took the over. As I say that, the Hawks nail another jumper.

7:30: Please make a stop, Raptors. This is Atlanta, not Dallas.

7:33: Pachulia and Josh Smith out. Esteban Batista in. Sam, get your boys to go inside please!

7:35: Allowing offensive boards kills the Raps again. Joe Johnson knocks down the jumper at the first quarter buzzer.

7:36: Pachulia's given name was Zaur. He legally changed his first name to Zaza. There you go...

7:37: More random Pachulia notes: His hobbies include "fashion" and his favourite musical artist is 50 Cent. Z-Unit!!!

7:38: Apparently, the Raps aren't killed by offensive boards. They waved off JJ's shot at the buzzer.

7:39: Speaking of JJ, Colangelo has just joined Chuck and Jack. I wonder if the fans on this message board have figured out what's up.

7:40: Colangelo makes some interesting comments. He talks about the similarities between the Raps and the Suns, in terms of versatile players. He thinks that we're not far away, talks about the need for adding veterans to the team and how the 2006 free agent class isn't strong.

7:44: Bonner drains a 3 and the Raps are on a 7-0 run. Still doesn't explain why he was covering Dirk at the end of the Dallas game.

7:45: Chuck and Colangelo are discussing international players and Toronto being more amenable to international players (i.e. Ukic and Slokar). For some reason, the camera focuses on Pape Sow, who attended Cal-State Fullerton.

7:47: The good and the bad: Salim Stoudamire tries to dunk on Joey Graham. Graham ain't having that. But, the Raps can't get a rebound and the Hawks lay it in. Can you tell I'm getting frustrated?

7:49: Atlanta on a 10-0 run. Why do I have a feeling that we're going to lose this game?

7:51: Chris Bosh drains another 16-footer. Man, that jumper is money like JT.

7:54: Things that need to stop: Signs that imitate Mastercard commercials. That ad campaign is old like Dikembe Mutombo. Stop the "priceless" crap...

7:58: Swirsky just plugged Charlie V's website, Isn't it about time he plugs

8:00: What do you know? Another Hawks offensive rebound leads to another easy bucket.

8:00: Charlie V is now the Big Smooth? I thought that was Sam Perkins. Come on, Chuck, use the CV Smooth nickname we gave you. Even if you don't understand its' hip-hop roots...

8:04: 52-50 Raptors at the break.

8:05: Halftime = Oatmeal.

8:22: Halftime stats: Offensive rebounds 10-4 Hawks.

8:26: My mind is beginning to wander to NCAA Championship Week. I sure hope St. Peter's makes the Dance so that everyone sees how good Keydren Clark is.

8:27: We are told that Eric Williams is out tonight with inflammation of the knee. Is that code for "sulking because Colangelo won't buy me out?"

8:29: 3-ball shout out goes out to some dude celebrating his 21st birthday. Again, where's the love for the HQ?

8:32: To be honest, this game is boring me. At least Duke is still losing.

8:37: Awesome. A Loren Woods block is not recovered and Josh Childress dunks to knot the game at 70.

8:42: Mo Pete hits his nightly "Girls Gone Wild" shot...Raps give up an easy bucket to Pachulia at the other end.

8:43: Most poignant comment of the evening by Jack: "This looks like a summer league game."

8:47: Great news. Sean Paul's album "The Trinity" is apparently platinum in Canada. Oy-yoy-yoy!

8:51: Bonner for three! Raps up 84-83. Think they'll give up an easy bucket?

8:54: Chris Bosh hits the floor and pops right up. Jack says "Unlike someone else who used to play here"...jokes...

8:56: Josh Smith blocks Calderon for his 5th rejection of the night. JJ hits a 3 to give the ATLiens a 91-90 lead. Anyone else drop Josh Smith in November???

8:58: I still love the Burger King commercial with the King on the bicycle. I have no idea why.

9:00: Hawks on a 9-0 run. Jack says the Raps need a high-percentage shot. Mike James drives the lane and throws up an off-balance one-hander. I may not (still) be a mathematics teacher, but I don't think that qualifies as "high-percentage".

9:01: Random thoughts during a bad Snickers commercial: Will Sidney Ponson ever lose weight?

9:04: Mo Pete with the And One....suddenly this could be a five-point game...and it is...98-93 Hawks 4:40 to go...

9:05: Duke lost. Franchise won't be happy.

9:06: I am not happy. Hawks with two offensive rebounds on this set. Luckily, they don't score on their three chances. And Mike James launches a three that is off the mark. Space Mountain indeed.

9:09: Salim Stoudamire for 3 and the Raps miss a 3 of their own. 103-95 Hawks with just over 2 to go. Why did I bet over 28.5 wins???

9:10: Hooray! The Strokes are coming at some point in May.

9:11: I'm fairly certain I have adult ADD.

9:15: If the Hawks get another offensive rebound, I think I am going to explode...

9:16: Ouch...that Harrington turnaround J at the shot clock buzzer may have clinched it...105-99 Hawks with 27.3 seconds left.

9:17: Hold up....Space Mountain for 3! 105-102 Hawks...Over 207 bet pending....

9:19: Steal! Mo Pete for 3! Missed....hold up....FOUL! Mo Pete hits the first...over wins! Needs to make the next 2 for the tie. Got it it! 105-105...7.8 seconds left.

9:21: Joe Johnson misses at the buzzer. Overtime!

9:24: Charlie V with the putback dunk....nice stop....Joey Graham for the dunk...nice block by Josh Smith...

9:25: Dear God...Childress on Bosh.

9:26: Ummm...I take that back. Dear God pt. 2: Charlie V on Josh Smith! Charlie V with 25 and 11.

9:27-9:31: Lots of missed shots and just plain bad basketball.

9:32: was that not a foul on Josh Childress? He just threw Joey Graham to the floor...

9:34: Argh...breakdown on D...Joe Johnson nails the open J...Hawks up 3 with 53 seconds left.

9:35: Raps down 2 with 20 seconds left....James for 3! No.....OK....Raps get the ball back, though, and can hold for last shot.

9:36: Watching the clock is tough....

9:37: Could we get a smart play out of this timeout? No Mike James 1-on-5 action please...

9:37: Bosh stripped...ball loose....James has it...timeout Raps...

9:39: Tyronn Lue on the bench in a suit. He has WNBA hair.

9:40: Raps lose 113-111. Mo Pete missed a tough jumper at the buzzer.

9:41: Time for a beer, preferably a Tsingtao.