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Tip In: 76-3 = Win

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The prevailing thought entering last night's tilt against Philadelphia was that it was a winnable game, since the Sixers would be without their ace, Allen Iverson. A.I., who is averaging 33.2 points per game, sprained his foot on the weekend and is out, at least, until the weekend.

However, as per usual, things weren't going as planned at the end of the third quarter.

Trailing by seven entering the fourth quarter, the Raptors outscored Philly's finest 33-12 over the final 12 minutes to win, going away, by a 111-97 count.

The Raps were led by Chris Bosh, who scored 31 points and added 7 boards. CB4 was 11-12 from the charity stripe on the night. CV Smooth led all players with 14 rebounds and Joey Graham had one of his best games of the season with 14 points on 5-7 shooting.

The surprise contribution of the evening came from Darrick Martin, the UCLA product, who finished with 18 points and 12 dimes. Martin hit 4 of 6 threes and his triple ignited the 16-0 run early in the fourth quarter that propelled the Dinos to the W.

The interesting thing about Martin is that his performance came days after another popular Raptors blog had this to say about DMart:

Darrick Martin might be the worst player in the NBA....Make the guy an assistant coach already, just keep him off the floor.

Apparently, the folks (or folk) at Raptorblog haven't noticed that Rick Brunson, Brian Scalabrine and Noel Felix, just to name three off the top of my head are still in the NBA.

The Four Factors

You know how Dean Oliver do.

SHOOTING (Effective FG% = (FGM+3PM/2)/FGA)

Toronto: 58.9% Philly: 50.7%
2005 NBA Average: 47.8%

REBOUNDING: (Percentage of Offensive/Defensive Rebounds)

Toronto: Off: 17.0% Philly: Off: 17.8%
Def: 82.2% Def: 83.0%
2005 NBA Average: Off: 29.0% Def: 71.0%


Toronto: 34.2% Philly: 41.1%
2005 NBA Average: 24%

TURNOVERS: (Turnovers per 100 possessions)

Toronto: 16.2 Philly: 20.7
2005 NBA Average: 15.6

Like Jay-Z, what more can I say? The Raps shot the ball extremely well, from the floor, from downtown and from the charity stripe. They rebounded effectively and didn't turn the ball over excessively.

However, they still allowed the Sixers to get to the line with ease, an issue that has plagued the squad all season. Imagine what the Sixers would have done had Iverson been in the game.

Chapman's Random Thought

Were those horns I heard honking down Yonge Street as I left the ACC last night? The Leafs and Raptors winning on the same night? Break out the salami and cheese!!!

Fantasy Baseball link of the Day: Via Chris Young's excellent blog JABS, there's this gem from the comically underrated website McSweeney's. No, not Mike Sweeney.

Great choices, but I'm wondering where Babe from Baseball Stars is, though. And you couldn't find a spot for Bo Jackson from Tecmo Super Bowl???

Enjoy the Madness!