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Jump Ball - Colangelo a Raptor?

"Bryan Colangelo, Raptors President and GM said Friday morning that Nene's visit to Toronto..."

Hmm...that has a nice ring to it doesn't it.

Well before everyone starts jumping for joy that Colangelo is Toronto's basketball saviour, let's take a look at some facts. Chapman, Franchise and Howland jump it off and ponder whether Colangelo will bring some of that desert heat to Toronto.

Franchise: Right off the bat, the mere fact that the reigning NBA Executive of the year is considering taking the Raptors' vacant GM position is very promising. Colangelo has made some shrewd moves in the past two seasons and seems he can do no wrong. Even losing Joe Johnson for only draft picks and someone named Boris Diaw now seems to be a STEAL for the Suns. His reputation alone would lend a welcome air of credibility to the franchise.

Chapman: I'll be blunt: I think Colangelo would be a great PR move for Toronto. But do I think that he's the saviour? Let's see: traded Kidd for Marbury, traded Garrity, Manning and two firsts for Penny Hardaway and the albatross contract Orlando just got. And there are more...doing no wrong, Franchise? I beg to differ. Even the Joe Johnson move is equal parts Colangelo and continued Atlanta tomfoolery.

Howland: There are some interesting side stories to all of this including Colangelo wanting to get out from his father's shadow and legacy in the desert, him flying on Larry T's private jet (we can only assume Peddie was also onboard or else Colangelo is probably fired already), and the fact that the Suns may in fact still keep him. If we learned anything about the NBA after the Boozer fiasco, nothing is done until the signature hits the line. Now all that being said, bringing him in excites me, but as Chapman alluded, it also makes me a little nervous. Mind you maybe it's like a game of the hot hand, and he has definitely been hot as of late (minus Brian Grant.)

Franchise: Well folks, what are our other options? John Weisbrod? Nellie? Kiki? All have some suspect moves too. Fact is you CAN'T name a GM who hasn't made some dubious decisions.

Jerry West - O Troy Bell, Where Art Though?

Joe Dumars, sing along with me if you will - "Flintstones, Meet the Mateen Cleaves, he's one step away from the D League!"

So who do you go after? Of all the candidates, Colangelo might not be perfect, but I think he's the best shot the Raps have right now. All so unexpected though...

Chapman: Well, hate to play Encyclopedia Brown, but Dumars also flipped Cleaves for Jon Barry, while fleecing our boy Colangelo by getting Uncle Cliffy Robinson for former Rap John Wallace and pro beach volleyball star Jud Buechler.

Look, don't get me wrong. I like the idea of Colangelo being Toronto's next GM. I think he adds a boatload of credibility to this franchise, which is so important with all of this cap room and the need to resign Chris Bosh. I am just a tad concerned about his trading history.

You are right with one thing, Franchise. No GM is going to be perfect. But it scares me that the best we can do in terms of finding mistakes by West and Dumars are mere late first-round pick blunders, while the Raptors fan base gets ready to knight the man who dealt Steve Nash for the rights to Pat Garrity, Estonia's finest, Martin Muursepp and Bubba Wells. Austin Peay what!

Howland: If we are going to quote old cartoon theme songs let's pick the best one ever. Regardless, Bosh seems content with this selection if it were to come to fruition. In the end that's enough for me.

The main positive for me in C-Note's GM skill set tool box is that he is pretty good with cap and cash management. He didn't overpay Q-Rich, he would not overpay for Joe Johnson and when he has been called upon to give out some extra cash, he has been getting mad returns aka Nash. On the flip side, as Chapman alluded to, some of his trades have been nothing short of Ashley Simpson in a Toronto McD's...bizarre. My personal fave: Trading 2 first round draft picks, 2 second round draft picks, Wesley "Snipes" Person and Tony Dumas for McDyess. Talk about overpaying. And while some people feel that he got the best of the Richardson deal based on Q-Rich's run in NYC, I feel that this is more a product of Larry Brown's system and THAT's why he is stinking up the Garden like bad Rol San.

Franchise: C-Note? comment...back to the law books for you Howland. Well it seems that Howland you would generally be in agreement with this hiring and I definitely think right now Colangelo is the right choice for this franchise. Yes, he's made some bad moves in the past, but has bounced back and I'd be thrilled with this hiring.

I guess if I do have one worry, it isn't concerning Bryan's GM skills. It's what happends if a few moves he makes don't go well. Peddie wants experience this time around but is even that going to be enough to scratch he and the teacher's board's itchy trigger finger? I mean, will Colangelo be GIVEN a chance to bounce back if he's made some suspect moves?

As it stands the majority of this team is here courtesy of Rob Babcock. I still feel Babcock was on the way to bringing this team around and my worry is that a formula that was successful for the "run and gun" Suns for Colangelo, won't work with Babcock's personnel for the Raptors. Fans better be ready for another season or two of possible turbulence until the new GM gets the players (oh...and coaching staff) that he really wants. But if given the time to do this by MLSE, than we could have the start of something really good here in the T-Dot.

Chapman: I am of two minds about this hiring. I like what Colangelo brings to the table in terms of credibility, a huge plus for the franchise. However, I am still not convinced that he is the saviour that everyone thinks he will be. So, I guess that puts me in the "pro with concerns" camp.

My other question is this: Are we sure that there isn't a better option out there? With the way Raptors management has approached these types of things in the past, I am understandably concerned with the swiftness of this apparent decision. Just some food for thought, dogs. Get a plate...

And we out...