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Media Watch for February 23, 2006/Trade Deadline Special

Deadline day.

For most NBA fans, the period in time leading up to this date every year is one of the most exciting periods of the season. In the past few years numerous big name players have been changed teams before the deadline and so far this year has been no exception.

The New York Knicks of course continued their annual tradition of trading for the most overpayed players possible, by acquiring Stephon Marbury...uh...I mean highly unlikely that there will be any takers for Eric Williams, Rafael Araujo or anyone else in our latest survey. And with seriously considering taking the vacant position at the end of this season. Colangelo is the reigning executive of the year and may wish to nothing is official at this point, we will be taking an in depth look in the coming weeks at Colangelo's record with the Suns and discussing the pros and cons of his hiring. Colangelo would undoubtedly bring immediate respect to Toronto's front office for the first time in years and may prove another point in the Raptors' favour in everything from recruiting free agents to resigning CB4.

For now however Embry is still running the show and with the deadline later today, let's see if he can continue project overhaul before passing it along to his successor, whoever that may be.