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Tip In: The Answer Man

What's the story, morning glory? - N. Gallagher, Manchester

What up, Noel? How's Man City doing this year? Anyhoo, last night's game was winnable. Plain and simple. The Raps led by as many as 10 and had their chances to win in the final few minutes. The killer was with about a minute left in the game. The score was tied and the Raps forced a miss with solid D. But, they couldn't snag the rebound, which was grabbed by Shane Battier. The Grizzlies worked it around and, after Mike James came over to help CB4 double Pau Gasol, Eddie Jones nailed the open triple and that was that. Make the final: 94-88 Grizzlies.

Was I encouraged by the defense? Yes and no. Sure, Memphis shot only 41.6% (45.3 eFG%), but the Raps got outrebounded 48-39 and allowed Memphis to snag 16 offensive boards, almost a third of all rebounds in Toronto's end.

I thought the Raptors were playing the Grizzlies. Who are the Memphis Pros? Furthermore, does anyone watch my show? - S.A. Smith, New York

First things first, S.A., no one watches your show. Quite frankly, it sucks. That's not the point, though. For once, you're right. The Raptors did play the Grizzlies last night. Apparently last night was Honour Everyone night at the FedEx Forum. First, Spanish night. Then, the Grizzlies decide to pay homage to the Memphis Pros, who were an ABA franchise for two seasons in the early 70s. They even played a game at Maple Leaf Gardens in early 1972, where the Pros scored an ABA record 52 points in the 4th quarter against the Indiana Pacers. Luckily, my Dad had the over in that game.

Are you kidding me? - C. Swirsky, Toronto.

Not this time, Chuckster. As much as the Answer Man loves ya, Chuck, it might be time for a new catchphrase.

What's up with Matt Bonner? - B. Scalabrine, Boston.

Veal Scalabrine! What's up, playa? Actually, you don't play much at all. Ain't nothing wrong with your twin brother Bonner. He just can't play defense and when he's matched up with Pau Gasol, you might as well concede the points. He's fine in his role of long-range gunner (a la Matt Bullard), but gets exposed when he is asked to play any kind of defense.

Can a supermodel, Swiss bank account, fancy cars and a bunch of yes men get you a jumpshot? - D. Miles and S. Livingston

Didn't you pay attention when Professor Iverson was talking? Maybe you should have stayed in school, kids.

Is Game in an Hour a fraud? - S. Hamilton, Toronto

Well, I'm watching the game again this morning and it's 6:59 and there are 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Don't know about you but I don't see how the last 3 minutes of the game are going to be condensed into one minute. And you'd better not cut into my NBA Fantasy Hoops show. Rick Kamla WHAT!

Who is Mike James? - M. Jones, Houston

Ah, the eternal question. Here's your answer.

Am I the best player in Syracuse history? - L. Rautins, Toronto.

I had to laugh when Chuck said that he got a text message from you, Leo, during last night's game. In said message, you claimed that you were the best player in Syracuse basketball history. I don't know what surprised me more: a) that you know how to text message or b) your hubris.

At any rate, I submit ten Syracuse players who are/were better than you (in no particular order):

Carmelo Anthony
Dave Bing
Derrick Coleman
Sherman Douglas
Vic Hanson (a BEAST in the mid-20s)
Louis Orr
Billy Owens
Rony Seikaly
John Wallace (!)
Dwayne Washington

Please tell Pau Gasol that I want my beard back - T. Kaczynski

Beard battle: Pau vs. the Unabomber. That's like Shani Davis vs. Chad Hedrick.