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Media Watch: February 18, 2006

CV Smooth runs things in the Lone Star State

Our boy Charlie V put up some big numbers Friday night in the Rookie/Sophomore Game, dropping 18 points while picking up 12 boards. He's also involved in a few of the more wholesome activities in H-Town this weekend, joining the Commish, T-Mac, the Big Aristotle and the Bills, Russell and Walton, in an event at a local school. Big up CV! Do your thing.

Despite all that CV31 has done this year, people still wanna hate. We expect it from ESPN, but

Another ESPN "expert" shoots his mouth off again. Tim Legler was quoted as saying "I want to see Chris Bosh somewhere other than Toronto... Toronto never is going to be good." Yes, this Tim Legler.

Mike James: Who?

In other "Worldwide Leader" news,'s Chad Ford was surprised that the Raps didn't make a bigger push for Darko Milicic, saying that they "could've beat Orlando's offer if they'd have thrown Mike James in the deal." Thrown in Mike James?

Speaking of Space Mountain, has an interview with him.

More Space Mountain news: Chris Bosh continues to make a push for the team to re-sign James. Makes sense: Bosh is in Houston this weekend. Mike James played for Houston last year. Mike Jones runs Houston.

Rodman in T.O.?

Apparently, The Worm, Dennis Rodman, 44, has been contacted by the Raptors for a tryout.

Intermin GM Wayne Embry shot those rumours down on Friday, however.

Free Agents

In legit free agent news, rumours continue to swirl that Toronto will have interest in Nene this summer. The article also quotes our long-lost buddy Hoffa. And Eric Williams too.

Our Quarterback is....

If you thought you had it rough with Rob Babcock at GM (and you'd have been wrong), take solace in the fact that you don't cheer for the Ottawa Renegades. This interview with Executive VP Forrest Gregg is a must-listen. He doesn't even know his quarterback's name.