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Howland on IR - RaptorsHQ Gears up for All-Star Break

For All-Star weekend RaptorsHQ will be doing several feature articles while cheering on Chris Bosh and CV Smooth. In tomorrow's special edition media watch, we'll be looking at a trade deadline less than a week away, the All-Star Game and various other topics. In addition, we'll be taking a long and hard look at ESPN's continued ignorance towards the Raptors' franchise and the Toronto market in general.

Chapman and Franchise will be holding down the fort in the next while as Howland makes an Amare Stoudemire-esque recovery from recent ACL and MCL surgery. From all of us here at the HQ we wish Howland a speedy recovery and have stocked him up with lots of college and foreign basketball tapes so he can do a little scouting while he's on the DL.

In the meantime, we'd like to hear from you. In the next few months we'll be making some changes to the site and we'd like to know what you, the readers, would like to see more of OR like to see period. More Jump-balls, draft discussions, interviews, photos, podcasts, forums, you name it...

Give us a shout and we'll try to incorporate your thoughts into the site as it continues to grow and evolve...