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Tip In: Raps Claw Bobcats

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It's rather doubtful that the NBA will be sending tapes of last night's first half between the Raptors and the Charlotte Bobcats to the Hall of Fame.

Scratch that: They might just try and eliminate the memories of this game from their collective minds.

In a game that made Thursday's West Virginia-Pittsburgh game look like Sacramento-Dallas of years past, the Raptors scratched and clawed their way to an 88-73 win over the undermanned Bobcats.

The Raptors were led by Charlie Villanueva, who bounced back from a subpar outing against the Spurs, with 24. All Star Chris Bosh had his usual double-double, with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Morris Peterson was close to a triple double, with 10 points, 10 boards and 8 steals. Great fantasy night.

The hobbled Bobcats, who were without Raymond Felton, Brevin Knight, Sean May, Emeka Okafor and Gerald Wallace, were led by former Notre Dame gunner Matt Carroll, who had 26, including five trifectas. No other Bobcat finished in double figures.

Chapman's Thoughts

- Until the third quarter, I was wondering whether the Raptors would play down to their competition once again. These are games that the team needs to win. Great job in the second half. Maybe Sam's halftime pep talk had something to do with it?

- It's quite possible that the Bobcats' starting lineup of Jumaine Jones, Melvin Ely, Primoz Brezec, Kevin Burleson and Kareem Rush was the worst starting lineup in the history of professional basketball.

- Is playing in a Final Four a requirement to being on the Bobcats' bench? Let's see: Alan Anderson (Michigan State)? Check. Lonny Baxter (Maryland)? Check. Jake Voskuhl (UConn)? Check. Felton? May? Okafor? Check. Check. Check. Or should I say !!!

- Solid D or bad shooting? Whichever way you'd like to slice it, Charlotte shot a putrid 31.8% from the floor.

- Speaking of bad shooting, Matt Bonner's struggles continue as he was 1-6 from the floor, missing a number of open triples. Bonner better step it up because, right now, he's bringing nothing to the table.

- Allow me to introduce two strangers who may become a little more intimate in the near future: Joey Graham, D League. D League, Joey Graham.

- Album of the week: Planets Conspire by the Meligrove Band.