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RaptorsHQ in Dime Mag and Live on Hoops

This year, instead of doing their own NBA preview, Dime Magazine asked their favourite blog from each NBA team to do a preview of what to expect from their respective clubs. Naturally, we were glad to lend a hand and the result can be found here. Big shout out to Dime for asking us to do the piece and for the extra copies sent to us via mail! Hopefully we'll get to work together again in the future.

One site we'll definitely be working with as the season progresses is Hoops Earlier this week Howland and I participated in a podcast with Ryan from Hoops Addict, the first part of which can be heard here. The second part will be airing tomorrow on Hoops Addict and together the two parts covered everthing from our thoughts on the upcoming season to the legacy of Rob Babcock. To all who will be attending the Raptors' home-opener - be on the lookout for Ryan and his Hoops Addict crew as they'll be outside of the ACC distributing the first edition of their NBA magazine for which we did a piece on the new-look Raptors.