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Eurobasket Update - September 18, 2005

Spain 77 vs. Israel 85

Spain has suffered their first loss of the tournament, likely exhausted after the big overtime win yesterday. For Raptors back-up PG Calderon it was a quiet day. Although he was on the floor for over 30 minutes of action, Calderon only managed 6 points going 1/4 from the floor and 4/4 from the line. He also managed 2 assists and 2 rebounds. What perhaps is the most noticeable part of Calderon's game is that he only took 4 shots from the floor (2 from behind the arc) displaying patience and a willingness to let the game come to him and not force the issue. Having gone 2-1 in the Round-Robin we will see Spain in the next round where the games really start to matter. Let's see if Jose can take his game to another level.

Croatia 80 vs. Turkey 67

Well to say Roko has done little to impress would be an understatement. In a game tarnished at the final buzzer when a fight broke out between the two teams, it is safe to assume it was not caused by Roko trash talking and having his game back it up. Roko's minutes were again limited (less than 10) and his play, at least statistically was weak. Roko managed a sole point, 1 rebound and 1 turnover. Croatia will be involved in at least one more game in the tournament so let's see if somehow, someway, Roko gets some more time. All in all it is surprising as prior to the tournament there was a great deal of discussion about how Roko was going to be looked to as a contributor. Raps fans are likely not the only one's to be dissapointed to date.

Slovenia 68 vs. France 58

Well it does not look like Uros is going to see much time this tournament. Slokar did not manage to step foot on the court. Noteworthy however is Tony Parker's stat line for the night, 1/12 FG. Now that's DIIIIIIRTY.