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Media Watch for September 16, 2005 - Raps Make Offer to Williams/Tabuse Gets Clipped

Reports out of both Toronto and Chicago are reporting that the Raptors have offered Jay Williams a non-guaranteed contract for close to the amount remaining that they have to spend under the salary cap. Williams has had workouts for Cleveland, Miami and Houston as well. And while it looks like the Heat have more interest in both Gary Payton and former Maryland guard Steve Blake, Williams signing with the Raptors is still no sure thing. Houston has asked Williams to return for a second workout and it appears that Miami will as well.

A Williams signing would be even more imperative now as it appears that the player Babcock was hoping would fill the third stringer role, has signed elsewhere. The Los Angeles Clippers have signed Tabuse to a contract for an undisclosed amount and will likely use Tabuse as the third option behind Sam Cassell and Shawn Livingston next season.