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Bye-Bye Milt......and Lamond?

Raptorshq recently looked at some of the possible remaining free agents that could sign on as the 3rd PG for this years squad. Included in the group (half-heartedly) was now former Raptor Milt Palacio. Essentially only part of the Toronto squad because he was Vince's boy, Milt has decided to take his brick laying to Utah. Provided he passes his physical (good thing it's not New Jersey doctors...probably the reason he's not in Jersey.) Milt will be playing in a backcourt featuring the third pick in this year's draft, Deron Williams and likely re-signed free agent Keith McLeod.

Being fair to Milt he did have his best season for the Raptors in 04-05 and shot a reasonable 44% from the floor. After having bounced around the league here's hoping Milt has found some security now in Utah, and let's all be thankful it's not with us. Milt, for all you trivia folk, is also one of the NBA players that played for both Canadian NBA teams being a former Grizzly in addition to a Raptor.

There is also rumour out of the Bergen Record in NJ reporting that the Raps are going to waive Lamond Murray in the upcoming days, and he expects to receive an offer from the New Jersey Nets. Wow, this was not exactly what we expected from Lamond in his time here in TO. When Glen Grunwald pulled the trigger to send Michael "Yogi" Stewart and a first round pick to the Cavs for Lamond and a second round pick, this author in particular was thinking Grunwald just got away with robbery. Lamond was a double digit scorer, albeit on a bad team, and brought a good first step, streaky but solid jump-shooting and some low post game to boot. Unfortunately a foot injury really hurt the former 7th pick in the 1994 draft and Lamond has never seemed comfortable in Toronto. His differences with former Raptors' head coach Kevin O'Neil were well publicized, he has asked to be traded, and the present version of Lamond is much more likely to drop 100 points on the opposing team then pass the ball.......ONCE! The problem with releasing Lamond and letting him go to Jersey is that is exactly the place, with Jason Kidd, where Lamond could thrive and provided 10-14 points a game. We are not disapointed to see him go, but it will be tough to swallow if another former Rap starts to turn it up in the swamp.