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Old Dukie New Dino?

It looks like GM Rob Babcock has inked former Duke and Bull PG Chris Duhon to a three year offer sheet starting at around $2.5M US escalating to $3M. A pass first guard, with a suspect shot, this is Babcock's second attempt to sure up the Raps PG position after watching an erratic Alston run the show last year. Apparently the Bulls have full intentions of matching the offer. We at RaptorsHQ are hoping for an Atlanta fiasco to strike the Bulls but consider it highly unlikely. Fact of the matter is Duhon can run an offence smoothly and is a winner. However, this signing raises a few questions:

- Is that mid-level money, and if so, provided the Bulls don't match, what does that leave Matt Bonner? The Raptors have already used other portions of that money to sign Pape Sow and Calderon.

- What is Rafer Alston thinking now? Could this whip him into shape or is he now a walking time bomb?

- Apparently Milt is not coming back. We should all shed a collective tear of joy.

- Full props to Babcock to at least making the Bulls start thinking about their restricted free-agents. Let's hope for the best and see if Atlanta or someone else can put additional pressure on the Bulls brass this week by signing Curry and Chandler to huge deals.