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PG Solution? More Three Balls? RapsHQ Blueprint being followed?

Official as of Wednesday, the Raptors have taken a step to addressing their most pressing concern, lack of PG depth. Earl Watson? Nope. Steve Blake? Nope. Dickau? Try again. Toronto welcomes Jose Calderon, a 24 year-old 6'3" "true" PG who most recently played with Tau Ceramica in the Spanish Euroleague. We here at RaptorsHQ know very little about this guy other than what is out there in the press. What we do know is for Raps fans this better not be the only move coming to address the PG issue. This position remains a problem for the Raps.

That being said, there is rumour of the Raptors dealing disgruntled big-man Aaron Williams to the Cavs for the #10 pick in last years draft, Luke Jackson. Having only played 10 games prior to a season ending injury it is hard to predict whether Jackson will become an NBA player. For those who remember, Larry Bird was supposedly big on Jackson last year. Last time we checked Bird does a hell of a job drafting good ball players. Jackson, a former Oregon Duck, is known for his shooting and can be considered a poor man's Mike Dunleavy Jr. (think end of season last year, not the beginning). In the Reebok Vegas Summer League Jackson looked good averaging 11.5 ppg, 5.3 rpg and 4.0 apg. An all-around good ball player, Jackson's defence is the biggest question mark. Fact is, if Babcock finds a way to bring in some young potential for some deadwood, we praise the move. It would also clear some cap space.

For those readers who checked out the Blueprint, one of our suggestions was going to out find a veteran. In particular a big man. We suggested the return of Kevin Willis. Not to blow our own horn but....check it.