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Draft Barometer: June 7

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With the Chicago pre-draft camp set to tip off today at the Moody Bible Insitute, takes a look at whose stock is currently rising and which players are falling.

The Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail previewed the Chicago camp in Tuesday's editions.


- Ike Diogu, Arizona State: Diogu finished the NCAA season looking like a second round pick. However, he has impressed scouts in his many workouts, reportedly schooling Chris Taft in a recent workout. He has displayed range on his shot and recently measured out at 6-9, alleviating scout's worries that he was closer to 6-7. He is now projected as a mid-to-late first rounder. Diogu will work out privately for the Raptors on June 21.

- Wayne Simien, Kansas: Much like Diogu, Simien was dogged over the past few years for being shorter than his listed height. Much like Diogu, Simien recently measured out at 6-9. Combined with his skill set, Simien should be a mid-first round pick.

- Travis Diener, Marquette: Despite what Kevin O'Neill may think, Diener is shaping up as a second rounder. He's always had range but is displaying excellent point guard skills in workouts.

- Raymond Felton, North Carolina: Displayed awesome athleticism at Monday's workout in Chicago. His shot has been impressive in workouts and it is widely believed that he has surpassed Deron Williams as the #2 point guard in this draft, behind Chris Paul.

- Chris Taft, Pittsburgh: Taft has failed to wow anyone with his workouts, leading to speculation that he may drop out of the lottery. Remember, Taft's name was mentioned as a possible first overall selection in this draft less than a year ago.

- C.J. Miles, Dallas Skyline HS: He has yet to hire an agent, and continues to work out for teams, but it appears, according to Andy Katz of ESPN, that Miles will attend Texas in the fall.

- John Gilchrist, Maryland: Sure, Gilchrist has talent. Marbury-like talent. But his attitude continues to scare off teams. The fact that he missed Toronto's workout this past week doesn't help his stock. According to, Gilchrist missed his workout because he could not locate his birth certificate or passport.

- Jeff Chapman