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Explaining the draft to your girlfriend/boyfriend

This is a great time to be a Raptors fan. Since the season ended two months ago, the focus has been on the draft.

While it may be a great time for basketball fans, those fans in relationships may have to endure quizzical looks and numerous questions when they start discussing who the Raptors should draft in the first round. has come up with the solution.

If your significant other poses a question such as:

"The Raptors have the 7th and 16th picks, as well as spots in the second round. Is that good? It doesn't sound like it."

Here's the foolproof answer:

That is very good, for us. That means that, of all of the draft-eligible players, we get to pick 7th and 16th and then 41st and 58th.

Let's pretend that the draft was for hot actresses (You could also use hot actors, but I'm afraid my point wouldn't come across as clear).

Your first selection is the best of the best, say, Angelina Jolie. The team that selects first is the team that wins the lottery. Apparently, the Bucks GM is Brad Pitt.

Five other teams will make their selections and then the Raptors pick 7th. At 7, you might get someone like Eva Longoria. A solid selection.

8 other teams will pick and then the Raptors select again at 16. The talent pool will have thinned a bit, but you'll still get a great pick, someone like Marissa Miller.

The second round is where you can roll the dice a bit. At 41, you might have a look at someone with a lot of potential, but who has displayed some off-the-field character issues, someone like Lindsay Lohan. At 58, you're reaching, but you'd look for someone whose stock has fallen recently, but definitely has potential to contribute, someone like Keri Russell.

The better teams, like Miami, draft lower in the first round. They were good last year so, naturally, their pick is lower. They may end up with a Rebecca Romijn.

Now, San Antonio is the wild card. No matter how well they do, they always seem to come up with a gem late in the first round or second round. So, you wouldn't be surprised to see them grab the next Gisele Bundchen.

Where the draft gets comical is when the Knicks and Clippers pick. They always do something dumb. Like the Knicks pick 8th...they'd probably take Delta Burke, because their general manager covets size.

Meanwhile, the Clippers apparently have some promise to some Russian that no one has heard of. So, it would be like the Clippers drafting Howie Mandel at 12.

There you have it. Now, everyone can get in on the fun known as NBA Draft Day.

Go Raptors!

- Jeff Chapman