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Raptorshq Mock Draft: June 27

1. Milwaukee: Andrew Bogut, C, Utah

This seems to be the consensus pick. While some believe that Marvin Williams might be the smart pick here, all signs point to the Bucks selecting Bogut. If T.J. Ford is healthy, and they can re-sign Michael Redd, this team shapes up as a decent one. Their biggest need is up front, especially considering that their two centers, Dan Gadzuric and Zaza Pachulia, are free agents. The selection of Bogut addresses this need.

2. Atlanta: Marvin Williams, SF, North Carolina

Keep an eye out for a possible trade here, as Atlanta is reportedly still loving Deron Williams. Regardless, look for the Hawks to grab Marvin Williams here and then possibly make a deal after the draft. Josh Childress would be a prime candidate for a trade if they choose Marvin the Martian.

3. Portland: Gerald Green, SG, Gulf Shores Academy

A lot has been made of Green’s refusal to work out for Portland, after they did not grant him an individual workout. We don’t see that deterring the Blazers. While a trade may occur here (Utah has been mentioned), we see the Blazers ending up with the high schooler. Chris Paul’s name was brought up in discussions as well.

4. New Orleans: Deron Williams, PG, Illinois

The Hornets would love it if the draft broke this way. The Hornets get to fill their need at point guard with the player they’ve apparently targeted. A slam dunk.

5. Charlotte: Chris Paul, PG, Wake Forest

Bernie Bickerstaff thanks his lucky stars if the top four go in the order. It has long been reported that the Bobcats have targeted Paul and Marvin Williams. By getting Paul at 5, without having to trade, Bickerstaff gets his point guard of the future without mortgaging the future.

Random Discussion about Charlotte’s pick:

Howland: “If Paul goes to Charlotte, they are suddenly a playoff team.”

Chapman: “Ummm…maybe only if you pulled an NBA Live trade of Lebron for Gerald Wallace and the computer says: “Cleveland has accepted your offer””

6. Utah: Raymond Felton, PG, North Carolina

We’re either right on or way off on this pick. Utah says that Felton doesn’t fit their offense and that they’re not interested. We think this is a smokescreen. Their biggest need is at point guard and Felton is the best available at this point.

7. Toronto: Danny Granger, SF, New Mexico

This appears to be the best case scenario for the Raptors. If Granger is off the board before the Raptors pick, we believe that they should take New Orleans’ reported offer of Jamaal Magloire for this pick, Morris Peterson and Aaron Williams. If he’s still available, Granger projects to be a Shawn Marion type player at swingman.

8. New York: Channing Frye, C, Arizona

Isiah loves him and you know that the Knicks need size, especially if the Kurt Thomas trade goes through and Stephon Marbury becomes their biggest player. A slam dunk if he is still available, plus it will be funny to see this year’s bust become a Knick.

9. Golden State: Charlie Villanueva, PF, Connecticut

The Warriors biggest need is in the front court and Villanueva fills that need. We went with the Warriors expert Howland on this one. He also predicts that Mike Dunleavy will be traded on Tuesday.

10. Los Angeles Lakers: Martell Webster, SG, Seattle Prep (WA)

The Lakers are one of a few teams who is eager to trade up, presumably to select Gerald Green. If Green is gone, the choice comes down to two other high schoolers: Webster and Andrew Bynum. Since the Lakers need shooters for their triangle offense, Webster makes the most sense.

Random Discussion about the Lakers pick:

Howland: “I think they take Sean May.”

Chapman: “Ike Diogu goes before May. I’ll wager a beer on that.”

11. Orlando: Antoine Wright, SG, Texas A&M

I wonder if Doug Christie can spell “Free Agency”

Franchise’s Random Thought: “Maybe they’ll draft Randolph Morris, trade for Josh Smith and put Dwight Howard’s AAU team back together.”

12. Los Angeles Clippers: Yaroslav Korolev, SF, CSKA Moscow

It appears that the Clippers have offered Korolev a promise at 12, which seems pretty ridiculous considering that he was nothing more than a third-line winger for numerous NHL teams in the late 90s.

13. Charlotte: Joey Graham, SF, Oklahoma State

Bernie Bickerstaff has a plan to build the Charlotte franchise and Graham seems like the logical fit here. We considered Martell Webster here but it wouldn’t make sense for the Bobcats to select two high schoolers. Unless, of course, he secretly hired Jerry Krause as a consultant. Graham is an athletic player whose skill set is rapidly improving and, as a senior from a winning program, is a good fit for Bickerstaff’s blueprint.

14. Minnesota: Fran Vasquez, PF, Spain

We considered a number of players here, but Vasquez seems to be the player ready to make the most immediate impact, something that will please Kevin Garnett.

Random Discussion on Minnesota’s pick:

Howland: “What about May here? He could be a nice addition.”

Chapman: “Remember Howland. Diogu before May. It’s like I before E. And I don’t think Charlotte selected C at 13.”

15. New Jersey: Hakim Warrick, F, Syracuse

Can I get odds on the first time that Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson and Warrick collide in mid-air, vying for a Jason Kidd alley?

16. Toronto: Jarrett Jack, PG, Georgia Tech

We considered four guys here: Jack, Roko Leni-Ukic, Ike Diogu and Sean May. In the end, we think Jack is the best fit because we think the Raps go with a point here and Jack is the more known commodity, a more traditional point and the ever-important Chris Bosh factor.

17. Indiana: Andrew Bynum, C, St. Joseph HS (NJ)

Indiana can afford to sit on a project and has never been shy of picking high schoolers (Harrington, Bender). They also have a tendency to pull surprises on draft day (Fred Jones). Remember, Jeff Foster can’t play center forever.

18. Boston: Roko Leni-Ukic, PG, Croatia

Because Marcus Banks is no good.

19. Memphis: Julius Hodge, SG, North Carolina State

His shooting has improved and Jerry West apparently loves his basketball IQ. He’ll fit in to Memphis’ system of versatile players who disappear in big games.

Random Discussion about Memphis’ pick:

Howland: “West has wanted a center for so long to protect Pau and he’s mad that Bynum is gone.”

Chapman: “I love how you’re projecting West’s attitude due to our mock draft.”

20. Denver: Rashad McCants, SG, North Carolina

We think Denver will take a shooter and a European with their two first round picks. McCants takes care of the shooter….

21. Phoenix: Ike Diogu, PF, Arizona State

Phoenix would love it if the homegrown Diogu was available at this point. He’d add another low-post scoring threat and he can bang and rebound.

22. Denver: Martynas Andriuskevicius, C, Lithuania

…and Andriuskevicius takes care of the European.

Random Discussion about Nene in Toronto:

Howland: “I think Denver moves Nene. I’d love Nene in Toronto.”

Chapman: “Chuck would love Nene.”

Howland: “Yeah, so would Herbie”

Franchise: “Nene with the R and B”

Chapman: “Forget that: It should be Nene with the baile funk.”

23. Sacramento: Sean May, PF, North Carolina

Howland: “I think May would be a great fit in Bagtown.”

Chapman: “How many power forwards does Sacto need?”

Howland: “Who do they have? Looks like none to me. Except Kenny Thomas every second Tuesday. And don’t say Skinner. He’s Bart Simpson’s arch nemesis.”

Chapman: “I guess. It just seems like they have 800. I’ll roll with May.”

Howland: “Franchise?”

Franchise: “Talking to apartments.”

24. Houston: Chris Taft, PF, Pittsburgh

He won’t fall out of the first round.

25. Seattle: Andray Blatche, PF, South Kent Prep (CT)

To team with Robert Swift for the west-coast version of Curry and Chandler.

26. Detroit: Francisco Garcia, SG, Louisville

Just so we never have to see Lindsey Hunter again.

27. Utah: Johan Petro, C, France

After taking Felton at 6, the Jazz fill their other need with a big, shot-blocking center.

28. San Antonio: Ryan Gomes, F, Providence

In 20 years, will he be known as “Big Shot Ryan”?

29. Miami: Wayne Simien, PF, Kansas

Jayhawk fans won’t be happy if he falls this far, but Heat fans will.

30. New York: Randolph Morris, C, Kentucky

Isiah loves those underachieving big men and Morris fits the bill.